GG is Still Fighting for her Home: And You Can Help

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On Sunday April  14 this declaration was unanimously supported by those present at the OO General Assembly. We did not have quorum so this was just the sentiment of everyone there (about 25 people), not an official resolution. Gwen Winter is a OO member and is  a retiree of  30 years in the IBEW International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union who is having her home forclosed upon.

We of the Occupy Oakland General Assembly will actively defend our member Gwen Winter 1415 Allman St. Oakland 94602 from Eviction which you have forced on her by your Courts on March 23, 2013

We were part of the coalition at your bank, Friday, April 5th, that succeeded in having you fax our demand letter to your executive office.  Nothing has come of this demand yet, and Ms.Winter only gets a run around when she asks what the results of this demand are.

When she calls your bank, she’s told:  No! You must call Customer Service.
When she calls Customer service, they say :  “No!  We don’t service the mortgage holder, we service the Bondholders  who have invested in the bundle of hundreds of homes of which yours is included.  You must call Chevy Chase Bank, , who is the servicer of your loan.”

However, Ms. Winter has been calling them for years and although they had originally said, they “took back the property,” then later said US Bank “purchased” the property from them at foreclosure sale. Now, for the last year,  they keep saying  they will send her the forms she needs to request a loan modification, but never do.

The truth of the matter is, that YOU, US Bank send your lawyers against her in court.  And YOU, US Bank, got your courts to agree to evict Ms. Winter, so it is YOU, US Bank who must call off the sheriffs, and renew her mortgage.

We demand you provide her with an affordable modification, with principal reduction, lower interest, and forgiveness of predatory fees.

We intend to stop this eviction and force you to negotiate as we have done for others .



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