oucppy angry riseing

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you talk of pride,you speek lies. i wish you would go away. dig your grave and die.   our anger will rise.    you will feel like a victim and we have felt like victims.  you blood shot our eyes. seeing red again,should let you know,you are not my brother or my friend. you found my stairway to heaven. i found your happy pills. i found my 40 oz to freedom. now im rideing hells bells. FOLLOW YOUR GOVERMENT GOD,S THAT HAVE FAILED. linger on my death like provety you like to smell. our angry is riseing you will dream of the movement and have nightmares because there will be no more prison cells.we wont bow down our anger is riseing your town will burn like the beats under your bed you will toss and turn.at the end your EVIL EMPIRE  WILL EXPIRE,and will be on the other side of the razor wire. ANGER RISEING.  WRITEN BY JOKERSWILD aka eli.  if you have any coments about this pome please email me at billw04@live.com ps it feels good to be home.


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