Occupy Oakland Strike Debt Committee

Categories: GA Proposals, General Assembly

Occupy Oakland participants in Strike Debt Bay Area are requesting official recognition of the Occupy Oakland Strike Debt committee. The goal of the committee is to educate and mobilize around the issue of debt.  The committee will work with Strike Debt Bay Area and the national Strike Debt movement to develop and share information about the role of debt in 21st century capitalism.  We will help organize collective resistance to debt, which may include forming debtors’ unions, supporting free check cashing services, negotiating debt reductions with institutions, promoting alternative economies, etc.  There are many possible ways to protest the current debt system and create alternatives.

The goals of the Occupy Oakland Strike Debt committee include increasing participation by OO activists in Strike Debt activities and bringing the resources of OO to support these activities.  We are helping to organize the first Bay Area Debtors’ Assembly, to be held on February 2.

Membership in the committee is open to anyone interested in participating.  We meet weekly at a time and location posted on the OO website calendar.  We will create a committee page on the OO website with an email address through OO.  And we will announce our activities at the General Assembly.  We can also be reached through the contacts for Strike Debt Bay Area: website http://strike-debt-bay-area.tumblr.com/
and email address: strike.debt.bay.area@gmail.com


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