When Are You Coming Back to 12st Downtown Oakland?

Categories: Open Mic

I really think you should come back and occupy Ogawa Plaza again.  If the Mayor and folks who still have homes and jobs are inconvenienced let them be.  They have every right to be inconvenienced and that doesn’t have to stop Occupy’s objective.   When the Mayor orders you to leave in order to clean up, leave let them clean up and come back.  Keep leaving and keep coming back.  It’s the diplomatic way.

For Anarchist who want to vandalize and act out violently please stop.  Anarchy has it place and time, it has every right to be angry and want to lash out.  I’m just asking that before you do-please take time to be compassionate toward yourself about how hard it is to live in this day and age still fee the oppression of the 1%.  Other ways to support Anarchy without violence and vandalism is simply joining and supporting non-profit organizations.

Come back and occupy Oakland, leave when they ask and keep coming back.

Peace takes patience and compassion and work.  This country has the resources and manpower to end hunger, homeless and reform healthcare and education.  Yet the war between the “haves” and the “have nots” rages on in 2012.




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