Charges Dismissed against the Ice Cream 3

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This morning, felony robbery and hate crime charges were dismissed against
Occupy Oakland activists, Nneka Crawford, Michael Davis & Randolph
Wilkins. The three defendants commend the District Attorney’s office for
dismissing these charges in the interest of justice, and encourage the
Alameda County District Attorney’s office to continue to dismiss future
cases that are without merit.

Ms. Crawford said: “These dismissals are very telling of how the Oakland
Police Department operates. I hope everyone realizes that despite how
horrible the charges sounded,the presumption of innocence is really, really
important. Please support other occupiers who face charges. It’s hard to
explain how felony charges are such a burden and weight, even when you know
you’re innocent.”

This case is a clear example of Oakland Police trying to meddle in politics
and its efforts to stifle free speech by creating a crime where none
existed. This case shows that OPD is not really concerned with public
safety but only in creating headlines and sensationalism. The day OPD
arrested Ms. Crawford and Mr. Wilkins, they dispatched a sensationalized
press release, which ultimately had no basis.

OPD needs to get out of politics and start doing its job. Public safety is
not served by OPD creating or manufacturing crimes. Public safety is not
served by OPD abusing its powers by arresting people simply to harass.

(Joe Rogoway, attorney for Randolph Wilkins, Randolph Wilkins, Nneka Crawford)


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