Solidarity with Prisoners at San Quentin on Feb 20. Training at 8 am. Buses leave at 10 am.

Categories: Nonviolent Caucus

Occupy4Prisoners has put a call-out to the Occupy Oakland Nonviolent Caucus to organize a NV training for participants and volunteers for the Feb. 20 action at San Quentin. The organizers of the Day of Solidarity at San Quentin wish to keep this event safe for all, in solidarity with currently or formerly incarcerated people.  To learn more about the reasons for this request from the organizers of Occupy4Prisoners, see the following statement.

The Training is scheduled the morning of the event, on Feb 20th at the Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant Plaza at 8 am.  Affinity groups or individuals welcome.

To arrange transportation to San Quentin:  If you are planning to take the bus that leaves from the plaza at 10 am, or to arrange a carpool, sign up here:



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