Occupy Oakland Research Meeting

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Occupy Oakland Research Meeting
Sunday, 2/26, 5:00-7:00pm
ARC’s conference room
900 Alice Street, Suite 3R, Oakland’s Chinatown
(bet. 9th and 10th)
Two blocks from Lake Merritt BART, six blocks from OG Plaza.

Propose agenda items: http://bit.ly/ooresearch02-25-12

Next steps from last meeting:
1. Lee will send out occupy-related research on the mailing list, do a future presentation
2. Shayna, Amanda, Yvonne, Mark: Open Forum
3. Amanda, Darwin, Dorothy: OO Serves the People introduction
4. Shayna, Gary, Eric: Tuesday meeting for Take Back the Land
5. Eric: Send links to Jim Chanin speaking at the OPD forum and Take Back the Land and open government
6. Maurie: Send links out on rate swap and attending the Tuesday press council
7. Yvonne: Will forward Occupy the Hood meeting date and time, prepare survey design presentation for next meeting, work on OO Serves the People conclusion
8. Mark: Followup with Jim Chanin, send links on whistleblower, foreclosure data
9. Dorothy: Can do a future presentation on healthcare

Omid: facilitation
Eric: notetaker
Dorothy and Amanda: snacks


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