update, need compost, soil and starts, lets plant!

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Hey everyone,
    This last week has been jam packed with police repression. many unlawful arrests have been made. Please read occupy Oakland main page updates if you’d like more info. On another note i hope to move forward with garden plans, promoting the community to stay strong despite the emotionally traumatizing ways OPD has been treating us. We are looking for soil and compost resources for one community house, and two plots we will be taking in the next week. i would love to have a day where we meet, plan, weed and enrich the soil.  After plots are ready we can plant asap. Please let me know if you have any ideas of where to obtain soil, starts, and compost for cheap, free or donated. we have a non profit number that we can use for donations. thanks, hope all of you are well. with love

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