Occupy Oakland Weekend of Action Detailed Schedule

Categories: Move-in Assembly


SATURDAY JAN 28: Move-in Day

• 12-1pm : Rally at Oscar Grant Plaza
– speakers and music
– lunch will be served at the plaza

• 1pm: March to the space led by OO sound truck
– featuring Brass Liberation Orchestra

• 2-5 pm: Move in time!
– help set up OO’s new occupied social center
– arts and crafts time
– music outside from the OO sound truck
+ presentation on UXA

• 5-7 pm Orientation & Dinner seved
– 5-6 pm Building Orientation, points of unity, know your rights, medic report backs, etc
– 6-7 pm Committee Report Backs: how to get involved

• 7-9 pm BA ( Building Assembly )
– help shape the future of the OO social center

• 9-12 pm Concert, Poetry & Films
– Hosted by OO’s MC Shake
– Special guests TBA
– “Better This World” documentary with filmmaker

SUNDAY JAN 29: Conference Day

• 8-10am: Breakfast & Coffee
– Yoga & meditation

• 10-12 pm: Morning Workshops
– Including workshops on: Gender dynamics within Occupy Movement, Inclusive Reading Group on Angela Davis’ ‘Are Prisons Obsolete’, Bike Repair Workshop & much more!
– Body Workers will also be on site during this time

• 12-2 pm: BBQ & Voices of Occupy Rally
– Lots of food will be available but feel free to bring something to grill!
– Speakers from different Occupies are invited to speak to the crowd about their ongoing work

• 2-4 pm: First round of two hour panels, presentations & discussions
– Labor History panel
– Housing Reoccupations panel
– Oakland Radical History panel
– Indigenous and Anti-Colonial Struggles panel
– Student occupations panel

• 4-6 pm: Second round of two hour panels, presentations & discussions
– Crisis of Oakland Public Schools panel
– Current Crisis of Capitalism panel
– Feminist and Queer Panel
– Police Repression & Prisons panel
– Anarchy presentations

• 6-7pm: Feast!
– with special guest TBA

• 7-9pm: Occupy Oakland Sunday General Assembly
– organized by OO Facilitation Committee

9-12 pm Concert, Poetry & Films
– Hosted by OO’s MC Shake
– Special guests TBA


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