Call Out for Supplies for Occupy Oakland Move-in Day – Saturday, January 28, 2012

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On December 21st 2011, the Occupy Oakland General Assembly passed a proposal to collectively reclaim a building for our movement and to organize a two day festival as its opening event. Since then Move-in Assemblies have been meeting publicly twice a week at Oscar Grant Plaza (at 12:30 PM on Sundays and 4:30 PM on Wednesdays).

The Logistics Working Group of the Move-In Assembly is requesting donations of supplies to make our future community center a vibrant, comfortable, and welcoming space. Below is our supply wish list. We will be available with trucks and cars during this weekend, January 14 and 15, to pick up donations in the East Bay (or on other days to accommodate your schedule). Please write to us at: or call: 510-7408253 to schedule a pick-up.

Thank you,
Occupy Oakland Move-In Logistics

– Generator
– Flashlights
– Walkie talkies
– Massive amounts of food
– Utensils/plates
– Dishwashing tubs
– Non-toxic dish soap or distilled vinegar
– Dish cloths
– Folding chairs
– Folding tables
– Couches
– Porta potties
– Duct tape
– Hand sanitizer
– Brooms
– Light bulbs
– Trash bags
– Chains
– Padlocks
– Fire extinguishers
– Drain snake (for clogged plumbing)
– Bolt cutters
– Large stretches of fabric
– Paint
– Brushes
– Rope
– Wireless-G router
– Vacuum cleaner(s)
– Trash cans
– Dustpans
– Carpet/rugs
– Buckets
– Mops/squeegees
– Towels
– Sponges
– Sleeping bags
– Sleeping pads and other cushioning
– Pillows
– Blankets
– Bike locks
– Plastic gloves
– Toilet paper


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