Update on garden activity, happy holidays

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Hi everyone,
    Things have been very busy….Im assuming everyone has been feeling the end of the year rush. Happy holidays! I wanted to touch base on a few projects coming up:
-We will be starting a garden at the 10th and Mandela house. this includes veggie beds, compost bins, chicken coop, possible grey water systems. We would love to set this house up as an example of sustainable living and intelligent action.
– We have been offered two plots, one in west oakland and one in east oakland.  We will start to work on these gardens after the new year!
-We have also been offered a back yard to cultivate and harvest in, it will be funded and supported by the home owners!
-I want to also promote a volunteer day on the 17th of Jan:  MLk day of service/community garden clean-up and restoration at The Gardens at Lake Merritt, last year 340 people showed up. If 50 or more of those people are occupy oakland gardeners then i think it would send a beautiful message about what our values are, and how dedicated we are in supporting the community. Email back and sign up for this day so i can tell everyone we plan to come. I will be making some silk screen patches for us to wear.
We will need motivated people to help with all of these projects, so please stay strong hearted and beautiful. Spread the word. show up and participate. We can resource a good amount of supplies but always appreciate funding. We would like to get a set of gardening supplies we can always use for garden events…… buckets, shovels, rakes, gloves, clippers etc. if you can donate supplies or funds to the occupy oakland community garden or want to contribute to a particular project please let us know. We love you.
Ps request to be on the email list if your not already! xo

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