12/3 1-4pm: 2-3 hour basic street medic training!

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Hello folks here is a outline of the 2-3hour basic street medic training this Saturday at Oscar grant plaza. This will be in workshop format. We will be involving ourselves with lots of scenarios and group participation. This is just a basic training. There will be a more extensive training that will be held at the Holdout space the weekend of the 10-11th.  Please forward to anyone who you believe would be interested!

When: 12/3/2011 1-4pm

Where: NW section of Oscar Grant Plaza

What to bring: warm clothes that you don’t mind getting down and dirty in! Snacks, and paper and pens! Friends!

Training outline:



Example Scenarios {break up into smaller groups if possible}

Discuss Solutions/Strategies


skit and deconstructing a scenario of a bad medics!

principles to make sure to cover; consent, confidentiality, harm reduction, stay w/patient, knowing your role, scope of practice,


Basic Assessment



When to call EMS


 Police Weapons and tactics

CS gas, Pepper Spray, LROD(weird sonic), Tazers, Rubber Baton Rounds, Pepper spray bullets

Police Tactics

fear, maps, raids, formations, infiltration


Malox Demonstration

break up into groups and practice doing eye flushes(with H2O)

scene scenarios!

live action medicing!


medic fashioin prep etc./show and tell style



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