Sunday at OG Plaza – Teach-in : Strategies for Reclaiming Spaces

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A day of presentations, discussions, and skillshares on reclaiming spaces! Our tentative schedule:


11am: Intro to Squatting
(A beginner’s guide and introduction to reclaiming spaces. If you are thinking about occupying buildings but have little or no experience, this is a good place to start)

12pm: Property Law and Squatters’ Rights
(Details on California laws that relate to occupying privately owned spaces and strategies for dealing with police or unfriendly owners (ie banks, corporations, etc))

1pm: Occupying Buildings as Political Strategy
(Strategies for using short(er) term building occupations in rallies and political actions)

2pm: Fighting Foreclosures
(An overview on the rights of homeowners and tenants in foreclosed properties and strategies for fighting eviction)

3pm: Defending Reclaimed Spaces
(Legal strategies for holding spaces long term as well as early steps to take towards creating a long term space)

4pm: History of Occupations in the Bay Area
(Panel Discussion featuring bay area activists involved in the Berkeley Tree Sit, Wheeler Hall, People’s Park, Hellarity House, and more)


12pm: Lunch serving

1pm: Self Defense for Women and Queer People
(Psychological and physical/jujutsu-based self defense skills, with emphasis on concerns of folks who are camping and occupying buildings)

2:30pm: Strategies for Gaining Access
(Tools for gaining access to abandoned spaces)

3:30pm: Guerilla Gardening
(Strategies for reclaiming abandoned spaces to create gardens)

4:30pm: Forum: Gentrification and Squatting
(How do we reclaim spaces in a way that is conscious and respectful)


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