Occupy Oakland Medics Supply Needs

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Thank you for wanting to donate. Without your generous support we would not have supplies to help empower our communities. Its been a wonderful thing to be apart of and we hope that these ties that we have help build a better beautiful world that promotes compassion, dignity and mutual aid.  We are completely free community ran first aid and wellness center. Thank you so much for supporting us!

Please refrain from giving us used, opened, expired items. For our safety as a medic collective, and that of the people to whom we provide aid, we cannot accept these items and will instead throw them out.

Please also only donate those items on this list. We frequently take inventory of our stock, and update this list often and accordingly.

General Supply Needs:
These items are needed in mass volume/quantity, but are preferred in single/travel sizes. Thank you!
Gas masks
– CPR Masks
– Cold Packs
– Hospital chucks
– Emergen-C packets
– Non-latex gloves in small, medium, and large sizes.
– Splints for wrists and ankles
– 4 flats of bottled water (needed daily!)
– Unflavored Maalox (brand name) or plain milk of magnesia (without alcohol)
– Headlamps with batteries and/or lanterns
– Walkie-talkies/ Two-way radios for around-camp medic communication
– New, unused over-the-counter inhalers
– Cough medicine
– Colorful duct tape (red, pink, black) for medic crosses
– ACE bandages
– LARGE Zip-lock bags
– Milk crates
– Additional resource information: free mental health, alternative medicine, free clinics, etc.
Additional needs:
– Cliff bars
– Shade canopy (with walls)
– Juice boxes
– Plastic bins of all sizes (with lids)
– Folding chairs
– Bottled water with “sports top”
– cough drops
– safer sex supplies (condoms, lube, etc.)
– Children’s medication (Advil, Tylenol, cough medicine, tummy medicine, general over-the-counter medicine)
– tweezers
– EMT shears
– Claritin (non-drowsy allergy medicine)
– topical anti-histamine
– inhalers
– fast-dissolve Benadryl
– mole skins
– boxes of single-dose Advil, Tylenol, Benadryl, etc.
– gauze ROLLS
– touch battery-operated lights
– Notebooks, pocket folders for paper, sharpies
– activated charcoal
– cots
– foot powder
– EPI-pen

Herbal Aid needs
In forms of: syrups, salves, tonics, general formulas, pastilles, honey, alcohol, and non-alcohol-based tinctures. Thank you!
– Osha
– Grindelia
– Clean, empty tincture bottles
– Cough support
– Immunity tonics
– Tinctures without St. John’s Wort
– Cold & flu tinctures
– Salves for cuts, scrapes, sprains, and bruises
– Colloidal silver
– Flower essences
– Lavender oil
– Tea Tree oil
– Rescue remedy
Additional Needs:
– Dandelion root
– Skullcap
– Burdock root
– Eyebright
– Echinacea
– Elderberry
– Arelia Californica
– Usnea
– Mullen
– Tinctures to aid in quitting smoking
– Lung tonics
– Allergy tonics
– Tonics for hives
– Cinnamon
– Stress support (without St. John’s Wort)
– Nettles
– Peppermint
– Goldenrod
– Hedgenettles
– Turmeric
– Licorice
– Reshi
– Pedicularis
– Cramp bark
– Red raspberry leaves/tea
– Yarrow
– Dong Quai
– Chamomile
– Red clover
– Blue Vervain
– Red root
– Splanthies
– Menstrual cramp relief
–  Children’s herbs (in non-alcoholic forms)
Homeopathic Remedies:
– Arnica
– Black cohosh
– Fever formulas
– Rescue remedy for adults
– Rescue remedy for children
– Rescue remedy for animals
Traditional Chinese Medicine:
– Yunnan Baiyao
– TCM burn cream
– Chin Wan Hung
– Yin Chio
Essential Oils:
Blends for physical trauma, menstrual rubs, colds and flus, bruising, and relaxation.
– Peppermint oil
– Lavender oil
– Tea tree oil
– Clove oil
– Myrrh oil
– Thyme oil
Herbal Salves:
For cuts, bruises, abrasions, blisters, burns, hives, muscle aches, and pains.
– St. John’t Wort salve
– Arnica salve
– Calendula
– Plaintain
– Chin Wan Hung
– Burn ointment
– Silver salve
– Tiger Balm
– Yarrow
In forms of hydrosols and mixtures. For bugs, relaxation, antiseptic, boundaries, and de-escalation.
Flower Essences:
Blends for relaxation,  deep emotional healing, sickness, compassion, environmental toxins, grief, emotion, love, boundaries, bereavement, anger.
– Rock rose
– Bleeding heart
– Calendula
– Yarrow
– Chaparral
– Golden yarrow
– Goldenrod
– Wild rose


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