help me help you on November 19/20

Categories: Open Mic

Howdy, I humbly am bringing a concert to your town. It’s all locals, and I am going to many different OCCUPY towns across California.  We are videotaping a small documentary (with the only digital camera I’ve got, as it does video), and I am simply using the gear in my truck to give you a nice concert atmosphere. You can speak your minds, as I am a free speech advocate, have worked on/off for Grateful Dead for many years, and love my crowd. I hope you have fun at the site, too, as it is a co-op.  Since you are too far away from my band friends, it will just have to be “by request” tunes like live Grateful Dead (Furthur) audio from the recent Monterey shows, for example.  Breakfast in bed with the Grateful Dead on morning of 20th, let’s say   . . We are going to be able to do streaming video servers across the country, if necessary, for live event coverage due to helpful donations/investments.. peace and love – pete


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