Manifesto for a Human Union

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  The human species risks extinction. On the one hand, the planet, because of the pollution which is subject, may not offer more  the minimum conditions of survival. On the other, is the real essence of human being called into question by the transformations social / cultural imposed by  Market and technology.
The crazy increase in production and consumption causes desertification both outside and inside of human beings. Destruction of the Environment and dehumanization go hand in hand, fueled by the thirst for profit and power.
Although there are still huge and hideous injustices between North and South, between nation and nation, between man and man within the same country, it is no longer just a struggle between classes.

In fact Capitalism and dictatorial Communism  shared the same insane project: Development, Growth, proliferation of carcinogen production and consumption!
Now the real distinction is between those who work in favor of Power and all the others, then it is time to recognize us in the one irreducible class Human.
The Human Union aims precisely to defend our species by promoting the humanist culture in a libertarian perspective.
Our enemies are the Profit and Power. And our lethal weapon is not-collaboration.
The system stand only on the participation (more or less conscious) of all its elements: this is the reason for which democracy is much more effective than the dictatorship to maintain control without the danger of riots.
When voters do not vote, when the soldiers will not fire, when the whores do not sell, when humans do not agree to fight for a fistful of dollars or a bit of power, when viewers will desert him … then it will show the Power have to resort to terror. Because terrorism is the last, desperate weapon of power.

Human union is based on the concepts of personal responsibility and self-determination, does not distribute funds or positions, does not require weaving or oaths. Anyone who is still a human being can be part of it: the only requirement is a minimum of logical  and moral consistency

(Soldiers, cops, politicians by profession, gangsters and rapists they are asked to refrain!)

Human Union has no executives or  officials  , it has no permanent seats, no bodies or regulations,  plans or deadlines, except what appears by the Statute.

This come from Italy, excuse the translation…

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