Guy Fawkes and Occupy Movement

Hello, so I’m sure that these questions have probably been asked several times already, but I’m doing a bit of research on the importance of the Guy Fawkes mask (V For Vendetta) in the Occupy Movement and I’d like to know some of the opinions about how the mask as a symbol connects with the protesters and what it stands for by those who have worn it during the movement (is the mask (including the man(?) behind it) associated more along the lines of the abstract (for example, the mask means liberation, … Continued


Suggestion for rules of engagement during protests

This is just an idea for establishing some protocols so militants, pacifists, live streamers, and others can all function together more effectively during police conflicts. These rules would be described and agreed upon by all participants before each event, although organizers would be free to alter them depending on the nature of the event. The purpose would be to allow us to decide as a group how to respond to OPD actions during protests when there is no time for discussion or formal voting. If, during a confrontation with police, … Continued