The Fight Continues for GG’s House. Action at US Bank!


April 22, 2013 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Montclair Branch of US BANK
1998 Mountain Boulevard
Oakland, CA 94611

GG is not being allowed into her home to get her possessions. She has only the clothes on her back. After an action on Saturday, GG and friends will be back again demonstrating at the Montclair, Oakland branch of U.S. Bank on Monday, April 22 from noon to 2pm.

Phone Blast at the same time:

Local U.S. Bank: 510 339-5900

I am ___________________, and I am calling on behalf of my friend, Gwen Winter, who you sent sheriff’s deputies to evict from her home at gunpoint at 1415 Allman Street, Oakland, CA on Friday morning, April 19. I demand you call off the sheriffs, let her back into her home, lower her principal and treat her fairly and equitably! Don’t try to tell me that it isn’t your loan, because all the lawsuits are from your lawyers, who call themselves: US Bank NA as trustee for Chevy Chase Bank. Her loan number is (Chevy Chase Bank) #0555083294.

Other numbers you can call:

Corporate U.S. Bank: 612 872-2657

Realtor: Phi Nguyen, 415 412-5923,

To sign up for text alerts for GG’s fight and others, text

“OOForeclosure” to 69302.


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