Tell the City Council: Coal Outta Richmond


May 21, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Richmond City Hall
450 Civic Center Plaza

We need to tell the Richmond City Council to phase out coal operations at every meeting of the council.  A couple of people speaking  at each meeting can be effective in keeping council members aware of the urgency of this issue and the popular support for the ordinance phasing out coal, presently with the city attorney’s office.  In addition, it publicizes the issue to those who watch the televised (and archived) meeting or read the on-line minutes.

The opportunity to speak up about coal is during the Open Forum. This time slot, very early in the meeting, allows residents to address the council about items not on the agenda. To speak in Open Forum, you must complete and file a pink speaker’s card with the City Clerk prior to the commencement of Open Forum. These cards are available at the meeting. The amount of time allotted to individual speakers varies: if there are 15 or fewer speakers, a maximum of 2 minutes; 16 to 24 speakers, a maximum of 1 and one-half minutes; and 25 or more speakers, a maximum of 1 minute.  After that you can go home!

Here are a few suggestions for topics:
* Encourage the council to move this item to the Planning Commission ASAP.
* Thank the council for its April 23 action.
* Question why the city has been unable to locate a Conditional Use Permit for coal operations at the Levin-Richmond Terminal.
* Advocate for phasing out the shipment of coal from the terminal with the Richmond Coal Ordinance.
* Share your concerns about coal in your community.

If you are planning to speak, please email and put NCIR Comment in the subject line.

This can be a brief but high-impact action for No Coal in Richmond!



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