SURJ Lights for Liberty Human Billboard: Sanctuary for All!


July 13, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Grand Lake Farmers Market
3200 Grand Ave.

Hosted by SURJ – Oakland/Bay Area

Yes to Asylum Seekers! Sanctuary for all! No to White Supremacy! Join us as we line the streets and create a human billboard calling for human rights for all asylum seekers. We are outraged at the deaths at the border, the caging and kidnapping of children and the horrific conditions inside the detention centers. We call for an end to family separation, an end to detention centers and an open border for all those seeking asylum.

The mobilization is part of national protests, Lights for Liberty: A Vigil to End Human Detention Camps, which will mobilize thousands of people to detention camps across the country.​

Most migrants to the U.S. risk a tortuous journey, arrest, detention and family separation because they face even greater dangers at home. The tragic photos of migrants who have died pursuing asylum also show us their love for family, the desperation they feel, their courage and resolve, and the humanity we share. They are leaving their homes because of brutal conditions including violence, poverty and climate change. The US has a long and ugly history of destabilizing progressive governments in Central America and around the world while empowering tyrants to do its bidding. The US created the conditions which the migrants are fleeing. And now those same powers are implementing even crueler ways to deter and deport as many asylum seekers as possible. To Trump and his base “make america great again” translates to “make america white”.

Gather with us on July 13th. Bring your signs and your energy!

Please also join our Art Build on Sunday 7/7. Email for location, time and more information about the Art Build:


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