Support Detroit Workers – Make the Banks Pay!


January 3, 2014 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Bank of America
3251 International Boulevard
Oakland, CA 94601

On January 3 a revised deal with Barclays bank will go before the bankruptcy judge in Detroit. This deal that slightly improves the original one, will still exempt Bank of America and United Bank of Switzerland from the bankruptcy process that threatens Detroit workers pensions and the assets of the people from art, to water and parks.

Demo at BofA near Fruitvale BART at noon to support Detroit. (They are demonstrating at the courthouse Friday am and then going inside to pack the courtroom.) NY is working on a demonstration near Wall Street for Jan. 3, as well.

Cancel Detroit’s Debt –Make the Banks Pay, They Owe Us
Hands Off Our Pensions
Save City Services and Assets
Make the Banks Fund a Jobs Program

Oppose Barclays Swap Deal Which Will Cost the City of Detroit Its Future

Facebook event, RSVP and more info.


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