Strike Debt Study Group: Politics of Debt.


January 25, 2014 @ 3:00 am – 5:00 am
Sudo Room (entrance on 22nd St, use buzzer)
2141 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612
Bill Rose

Our next meeting for Politics of Debt will be next Friday, January 24th at the public school room.  We’ll take on the Keen vs. Krugman debate about the significance of banking for economics.  It’s something like a Modern Money Theorist vs. a high profile Keynesian.  See you there!

Here’s the article containing  links to most of the articles and blog posts – lots of them, too many to list, but they are presented in the chronological order that the debate took place, so they’re easy to follow.

There’s a tremendously important debate being waged across a bunch of different websites, including Paul Krugman’s at The New York Times, about how banking really works.

Original Keen article.

Public School event notice.


Here is something to add to the reading list for this week:

This is Keen’s reflection on the issue of banking and how it effects demand. He seems to think Krugman has quietly moved camps.

There are plenty more articles and books to read in the future and we will be furthering our understanding of Modern Monetary Theory as well as a recent school called the New Currency Theory.
E.g., this article from the real-world economics review which we can get into later:


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