Strike Debt Bay Area. Fighting Unjust Debt.


February 15, 2015 @ 12:00 am – 2:00 am
OMNI Collective in the basement
4799 Shattuck Avenue
Oakland, CA 94609
 photo da3-color_zpsf9036587.jpg
Come and help us draw awareness to and fight unjust debt!
Come get connected with SDBA’s many projects!
  • organizing for public banking in Oakland and elsewhere.
  • advocating for Postal banking.
  • saving the Berkeley Post Office and stopping the Staples non-union takeover of good Post Office jobs
  • working with the City of Richmond and other municipalities for eminent domain seizure of underwater mortgages from the banksters
  • ongoing study group
  • student debt resistance
  • helping out America’s only non-profit check-cashing organization and fighting against usurious for-profit pay-day lenders and their ilk
  • our famous Strike Debt radio program
  • and much more!
 Also check out our website, our twitter feed, and our Facebook page.
Strike Debt Bay Area is an offshoot of Occupy Oakland and Strike Debt, itself an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street.

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