Revolutionary Love, A Political Manifesto to Heal and Transform the World


October 24, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
The Hillside Club
2286 Cedar Ave.

For those tired of shouting across the table as they debate the future of the country and the planet, Revolutionary Love brings hope, respect, and love to today’s political divide. Michael Lerner offers concrete solutions for future development by identifying why the left and the right have been so pathetic in achieving any lasting change and discussing what it will take to actually heal and repair the world, both spiritually and physically.

“Michael Lerner is one of the most significant prophetic public intellectuals and spiritual leaders of our generation. Secular intellectuals and those who yearn for a major change in the direction of American society can learn a lot from reading this book.”—Cornel West, Harvard University

“This book not only puts forward a positive vision, drawing much from the wisdom of feminists and peace activists, but a coherent strategy of how to get there. It liberates readers to go beyond the “be realistic” command of our ruling elites and to embrace the beautiful and love-filled world that Michael Lerner proposes.” —Medea Benjamin, Code Pink

A daring book on an urgent topic, Revolutionary Love aims to reunite all sections of the population into a positive democratic force capable of reversing the downward trajectory of our world. It is about a fundamental transformation of collective thinking and acting that unites us for the greater good of all people. Lerner reminds us that ethical and spiritual qualities  – respect, compassion, love, and a strong sense of community—can bring people together in a beneficial and constructive way that has the possibility of bringing about real change.

Rabbi Michael Lerner, the editor of Tikkun magazine, has written eleven books, including two national bestsellers, Jewish Renewal and The Left Hand of God: Taking Back Our Country from the Religious Right. He received Morehouse College’s King-Gandhi Award for his work for peace and non-violence.

Cat J. Zavis, Executive Director of the Network of Spiritual Progressives, is also an attorney, mediator, and trainer in conflict resolution and empathic communication. She has co-led trainings with Rabbi Lerner on integrating spirituality and activism and on communicating across differences between Israel and Palestine.


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