Reign, reign, go away: antidote to your inner Trump: the walking tour


September 21, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
American Youth Hostel
312 Mason Street San Francisco
David Geisen
Reigning in your heart is, most like, a reluctance to surrender the rent of land to community as a whole. Good socialists, otherwise ready to bash Capitalism and the current power-mongers, grow chill, dull, reticent, aloof when the nuts and bolts of transforming the rent of land into public revenue is proposed. Whether the retort is, “The poor grandmothers will be turned out of their homes” or “Land values aren’t significant” or “Marx and Engels said a tax on land values is not enough!” it’s all a dodge to avoid strong advocacy of addressing the existential distinctiveness of nature. No one made it, we all need access to it, a small portion of the population actually control it.

Come along on a free walking tour which dares to name you as having an abiding inner Trump reigning in your bosom, and supplies an opportunity to exorcise that daemon.

The walk is about real estate and justice. The old story told plainly through San Francisco anecdote.


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