Occupy Forum: Making Observations: Seeing the World as it Currently is and Adjusting Accordingly.


November 12, 2013 @ 2:00 am – 5:00 am
Global Exchange, 2nd floor, near 16th St. BART
2017 Mission Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Donations encouraged; no one turned away!

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OccupyForum presents…

Making Observations: Seeing the World as it Currently is and Adjusting Accordingly

with Javier Ocasio

“Making Observations came about through my need to educate myself, my fellow active citizens and the passive people who go about their daily lives not knowing the current state of the world they live in. Only by getting a visual picture of the present health of our biosphere and the humans who reside in it, can we see what our impact is, and thereby understand how urgent and dire our current situation is. That in turn will enable us to see the importance of developing a broad strategy in which everyone can participate to respond to this crisis, and how unity is the key to our survival.” — Javier Ocasio

Javier Ocasio is an Army Veteran who served 15 years in Army Aviation, in the regular Army and in Special Operations Aviation. He’s been stationed at Ft. Campbell Kentucky, Hawaii, South Korea, Iraq, and Virginia. He was an Aviation mechanic on Chinook helicopters; Squad Leader, Section Supervisor and an instructor teaching new recruits how to fix helicopters. He specialized in troubleshooting and problem solving. After leaving the service he joined Occupy Wall Street, then Occupy DC. He is also a member of Veterans For Peace.

Time will be allotted for Q&A, discussion and announcements. Donations to Occupy Forum to cover costs are encouraged; no one turned away!


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