Oakland: Protest Against Kamala Harris for President Campaign Launch Rally


January 27, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Oscar Grant Plaza
14th & Broadway

Kamala Harris for President has chosen Oakland for her initial Campaign Launch Rally on January 27, 12:00pm.

What are you going to do, Oakland, when Kamala Harris sets up shop in our town to push her phony “progressive prosecutor” schtick? Her campaign slogan at this point is “Kamala Harris for the People,” but we know she is anything but a candidate for the people, all of the people, those who lost their homes to predatory banks, for instance. She claims to be “tough, principled, fearless,” but we know none of that is true. She’s certainly not tough on the wealthy and powerful. She’s just another ambitious corpocrat trying to pretend she’s further to the left than she’s ever actually been.

She’s pitching herself as “a lifelong public safety and civil rights leader” and it’s time we stand up to say, “hell no.” Jailing people of color does not equal public safety and prosecutors violating defendants’ rights is not civil rights. Among the early staff members she has chosen include her sister Maya Harris, who was a senior adviser to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. We don’t need any more establishment democrats, and definitely not in prosecutor’s clothing.

Her main campaign headquarters will be in Baltimore, but her West Coast operations will be run out of Oakland. Let’s literally run her out of Oakland by not letting her peddle her lies here unchallenged. She doesn’t get to claim her record has been “taking on the Wall Street Banks for middle-class homeowners” without being mocked in public.

This is not a listing for an organized protest at the campaign kick-off rally, but a call for concerned citizens and organizations to make plans to resist her campaign, starting at the very first event. Bare minimum, show up on January 27 with signs and literature to let Kamala stans know how unacceptable this cop is as a presidential candidate. Let her followers on social media know the truth when she spews lies.

When you see photographs of Harris laughing, remember she’s laughing at you, especially if you fall for her liberal claptrap.

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