Mass Rally at SF City Hall to Save CCSF!


March 14, 2013 @ 11:00 pm – March 15, 2013 @ 1:00 am

The March 14 action is placing three demands on SF elected representatives:

1) Use the power of your office to ensure that Prop A funds be used as the voters intended: to reverse cuts to classes, services, staff, and faculty.

2) Commit to filling any budget gap by advancing funds to CCSF. Call on Sacramento to reverse spending priorities. (California is currently 49th in public education spending and 1st in prison spending.)

3) Call on the Department of Education to take immediate action to stop the ACCJC’s unjustified show cause sanction against CCSF.

Endorsers of Rally (partial list):

Save CCSF; Associated Students Mission Campus; AFT 2121; United Educators of SF; SF Labor Council; Workmen’s Circle/Arbeter Ring of Northern CA; Arab Resource and Organizing Center; Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club; Poor Magazine/Prensa Pobre; Socialist Organizer; Gray Panthers of SF; Senior Disability Action; California Alliance for Retired Americans; The Potrero Hill Democratic Club; Veterans for Peace SF Bay Area Chapter; CFT Local 4681 of San Mateo Adult School; Save The Berkeley Post Office; Friends of Deir Ibz’a; SF for Democracy; Marc Krizack; Federation of Retired Union Members; SF Older Women’s League;Answer Coalition; Bay Area Latin American Solidarity Coalition; International Brother of Teamsters 2010; The Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club; Freedom Socialist Party; Radical Women; Ann Wettrich Consulting


City College of San Francisco (CCSF) is widely acknowledged to be one of the best community colleges in the country. The current crisis is largely the joint creation of two groups: the accreditation commission (ACCJC), an unaccountable rogue body that has ties to for-profit colleges and the student loan industry; second, interim administrators who have no long-term commitment to the school. Both are abusing the accreditation process to impose an agenda to downsize the college, funneling students into private and online schools that will saddle them with crushing debt. This is an attack on tens of thousands of Bay Area residents, particularly from low-income, people of color, and immigrant communities.

We, the people of San Francisco, want to save our school and reverse the cuts to classes, programs, staff, and teachers. Join us on March 14 to call on the city’s elected officials to take immediate action. City Hall must ensure that Prop A funds are used for education — as the voters intended. It must fill any extra budget gap by advancing the funds to the college . And it must call on the Department of Education to stop the ACCJC’s unjustified “show cause” sanction against CCSF. Education is a right, not a privilege. Through united action we can stop the corporatization of City College and protect public education for all.

1pm Walkouts on each campus
2pm March from the Mission Campus (22nd and Valencia)
4-6pm Rally at SF City Hall (Civic Center)

Invite your friends to the Facebook event

Get more info, fliers, etc.

Please spread the word!

Get involved: – – #saveccsfnow –


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