International Women’s Strike: EAST BAY International Women’s Day of Action


March 8, 2018 @ 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Civic Center Park (MLK Park)
Allston Way & Martin Luther King Jr Way
Berkeley, CA 94703

WOMEN’S STRIKE RALLY: International Women’s Day of Action in the East Bay

Sponsors: International Women’s Strike Bay Area & Bay Area Reproductive Justice

As part of the International Women’s Strike movement, in the East Bay we call for:

* 24 hours of action on March 8th
*12pm/ lunch-time : Local Speak-Out/ Strike Action @ our local workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods to make our presence visible, wearing red, and being vocal about women and LGBTQI, immigrant and people of color rights, as well as those with disabilities
* 4.30pm to 6pm: REGIONAL RALLIES–Oscar Grant Plaza in Oakland

Last Year on March 8th, women of every kind, marched, stopped works, and took over the street in fifty different countries across the world. March 8th, 2018 is coming and things have gotten worse for us a women in this country.

We will go on strike against gender violence—against the men who commit violence and against the system that protects them. Racialized gender violence is international, as must be the campaign against it. US imperialism, militarism and settler colonialism foster misogyny throughout the world.

The #METOO, #USTOO, #TIMESUP campaigns made visible the gender violence that haunts women’s everyday lives. We do not willingly keep our mouths shut. We are forced into a racist, sexist power structure by capitalism.

The recently passed “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” guts exemptions that benefit low-wage workers, the vast majority of whom are women. Corporations got a hefty tax break, from 35% down to 21%, while plans are afoot to savage Medicaid and Medicare—two programs that support the elderly and the poor, the sick and the disabled, family planning and children—and hence women, who do most of the care work. . .

Trump has announced that welfare reform is his next target which is bound to further impoverish single mother families. Already in the US, women and our children are 70% of the poor. The work of mothers producing and reproducing all of society is not valued and we are not counted as workers, but as charity cases.

On March 8th, we will speak out against violent and abusive systems of power and privilege that deny women and all vulnerable others, the possibility of health, dignity and a safe life.

We call on local unions, both elected officials and rank and file workers, as well as labor councils to actively engage with this re-emerging independent, non-corporate, and grassroots women’s movement, for we believe our unions and working class women have been and should continue to be at the center of this struggle.


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