Fukushima, Nuclear Threats and The Growing Danger of War


March 17, 2019 @ 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Berkeley Library
2090 Kittredge St
CA 94704

Fukushima, Nuclear Threats and The Growing Danger of War
Berkeley Screening of the John Pilger film “The Coming War On China”

Commentary by Grace Shimizu, Miho Kim and others

On the 8th anniversary on the continuing crisis and contamination at the Fukushima nuclear meltdown NNA looks at the growing threat of war in Asia and the costs of nuclear weapons and US bases in Asia.
John Pilger’s film looks at the history of nuclear weapons in the Pacific including in Bikini Islands where the US tested nuclear weapons and the continued radioactive contamination of the people. It also looks at the struggle of the Okinawa people against militarization and Jeju, Korea where a a base is being constructed for the expansion of the US military.

With the growing militarization of Asia including the Abe government in Japan. I it is seeking to remove Article 9 in the constitution which forbids foreign military intervention unless Japan is attacked the government is seeking the full militarization of Japan. It is also pushing a campaign around the world to deny that the Japanese military role in “Comfort Women” who were coerced and used as sex slaves to for the military. This denialism of history is part of the effort to defend the history of the imperial role of Japan and is connected to the drive
toward war.’
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