Fortaleza = Strength Free Outdoor Film Night


October 12, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Dream Farm Commons
349 15th Street Oakland
CA 94612
sm_fortaleza_art_card.jpg Dream Farm Commons, ProArts and Xiquihuitl Media invite you to an evening of free outdoor video celebrating the roots, cultures, and contributions of our indigenous communities. Featuring documentaries and narratives from across the Americas, these videos show us how strength and resistance shape our histories, present, and future. De-colonizing our imagination one video frame at a time, we invite you to reimagine future possibility as we project a selection of videos onto the graffitied walls into the evening. As a part of the current exhibition Subterranean Borders: Colonialism, Extraction and Defiance, Dream Farm Commons is hosting a series of events, or Encuentros, to decolonize our imagination or as practical border action. Please visit the exhibition and the related programs thru October 27th. Photo credit: Robert Gomez Hernandez. Design credit: Stacey Goodman.

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