Divestment Protest Against Monsanto


May 9, 2014 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Fidelity Investments
8 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94104

Action Alert

We have teamed up with Food Democracy Now! And others to tell Wall Street to Dump Monsanto this Friday. Read more for how you can take action too!

Did you know?

Millions of hardworking Americans, maybe even yourself, are investing their hard earned income in the stock market in an effort to save for their children’s college fund or their retirement nest egg to provide financial stability for the future. Unfortunately, unless you’re paying close attention, you might be investing in a mutual or retirement fund that profits from Monsanto’s toxic chemicals and flawed GMO seed technologies.

After a 6-month investigation into the top shareholders of Monsanto, Food Democracy Now! (FDN) learned that the largest shareholders of Monsanto stock are massive institutional investors. They are some of the world’s largest and most popular mutual funds – names like Vaanguard, Fidelity and State Street. This is where millions of Americans invest their hard earned money, and they are the top shareholders for Monsanto. Even worse, if you haven’t checked, Monsanto could be hiding in your 401K or pension fund as well.

This coming Friday, May 9th, there are flash mob protests in select cities across the U.S. at Fidelity Investment offices to let them know that we’re serious about dumping Monsanto’s toxic assets.

Fidelity alone owns more than $3.2 billion in Monsanto stock. In total, Fidelity manages more than $4.6 trillion in assets and more than 20 million customers in the U.S. – Are you one of them?

This Friday, join all of us at The Institute for Responsible Technology, Food Democracy Now!, Natural News, Organic Consumers Association, Cornucopia, Green America, GMO Inside, Millions Against Monsanto, Babes Against Biotech, Food Babe, Hawaii GMO Justice Coalition, GMO Free USA, and March Against Monsanto.

Also, consider moving your investments into stocks and mutual funds that better reflect your values. For more information about how to invest in socially responsible funds or find a financial planner that will help you choose investments that match your values, check out Green America’s Guide to Socially Responsible Investing. If you drop your investments in Fidelity, Vanguard, or other major funds and switch to socially responsible investments, make sure to tell your old fund company why you left them.


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