Court Support: Pack the Courtroom for Whole Foods Suit!


October 23, 2018 @ 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
1221 Oak St
Oakland, CA 94612


On September 19th, Wayne Hsiung and DxE were served with a lawsuit from Whole Foods asking for a restraining order and monetary damages because of our protests. On September 21st, there was a hearing for a temporary restraining order. Whole Foods asked for all of DxE to be banned from all of its California stores. Luckily, the judge only granted a restraining order for the Telegraph location, where we had a successful week of protest anyway, ending in a historic action at a factory farm in Petaluma that supplies Whole Foods’s parent company, Amazon. October 23rd is a briefing date where the judge will hear arguments from both sides.

We need YOU to come to court *in your blue DxE shirt* and show your support for these activists. We must demonstrate that the public cares about animals and supports activists who make sacrifices to save them. Take off work or school if you can!

WHERE: Meet us outside the County Administration Building in Oakland. (1221 Oak St, Oakland, CA 94612)

WHEN: October 23 at 2:30pm

WHAT TO EXPECT: We will need to be quiet and respectful in the courtroom and all phones will have to be turned off. We may have to wait patiently for the case to be called. There is no talking or whispering allowed while the judge is present.

WEAR/BRING: Wear a blue DxE shirt, if you don’t have one either post in this event page or message Eva Hamer directly through Messenger and we will try to bring you one. Bring as little stuff with you as possible because we will have to go through metal detectors to enter. Do not bring signs or other protest materials. Do not wear shorts or open toes shoes.


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