Oakland Privacy: Fighting Against the Surveillance State @ Omni Commons
Dec 12 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Join Oakland Privacy to organize against the surveillance state, police militarization and ICE, and to advocate for surveillance regulation around the Bay.

op-logo.2.1We fight against “pre-crime” and “thought-crime,” spy drones, facial recognition, police body cameras and requirements for “backdoors” to cellphones, to list just a few invasions of our privacy by all levels of Government.

We draft and push for privacy legislation for City Councils, at the County level, and in Sacramento. We advocate in op-eds and in the streets. We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and believe no one is illegal.

Oakland Privacy originally came together in 2013 to fight against the Domain Awareness Center, Oakland’s citywide networked mass surveillance hub. OP was instrumental in stopping the DAC from becoming a city-wide spying network.

Our major projects currently include local legislation to regulate state surveillance (we got the strongest surveillance regulation ordinance in the country passed in Oakland!), opposing Urban Shield (now gone!) and pushing back against ICE with local legislation.

If you are interested in joining the Oakland Privacy email listserv, coming to a meeting, or have questions, send an email to:

Check out our website:   Follow us on twitter: @oaklandprivacy

Check out our sister site DeportICE.



Oakland Privacy works regionally to defend the right to privacy and enhance public transparency and oversight regarding the use of surveillance techniques and equipment.  Oakland Privacy drove the passage of surveillance regulation and transparency ordinances in Oakland and Berkeley and is kicking off new processes in Richmond and Alameda County.  To help slow down the encroaching police state all over the Bay Area, join us at the Omni.

Planning meeting for the 5th Annual People’s March to Reclaim King’s Radical Legacy @ The Greenlining Institut
Dec 12 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

If you haven’t already saved the date, our 5th Annual People’s March to Reclaim King’s Radical Legacy is on January 21, 2019 and we need your help to make it a reality.

Join us for a planning meeting next week to make this mass mobilization come true!

Near the 10th anniversary of the murder of Oscar Grant, Anti Police-Terror Project calls our comrades to come together in solidarity against police-terror and the corporate development in the Bay Area that is prioritized over affordable housing for the people.

RSVP today to let us know you can join us for the planning meeting.
Hope to see you there!
Anti Police-Terror Project is not a non-profit.
We are a community group powered by people like you.

Dec 13 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am

JOINT WALK‐IN CLINICS with Public Defender and EBCLC

*Please bring your statewide CA DOJ RAP sheet
if you have it or we can give information at clinic*

We may be able to help with:
 Dismissal of Conviction – PC 1203.4
 Felony Reduction / Prop 47 and 64 Relief
 Early Termination of Probation
 Certificate of Rehabilitation
 Sealing Arrest Record – Factual Innocence
 Juvenile Record Sealing
 Post-Conviction Relief for Immigrants and
Survivors of Human Trafficking
 Employment denials due to criminal background
 Occupational Licensing Denials(DSS, Security
 Voting Rights, Jury Service Rights

SF Public Bank Hearing @ SF City Hall, Room 250
Dec 13 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Privacy Lab – Energy Data Privacy: How Climate Changes Everything @ UtilityAPI
Dec 13 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Energy data used to be boring. The utility read your meter 12 times a year, and no one cared much about seeing your utility bill history. Nowadays, things are very different. As the $10+ trillion energy transition to renewables ramps up to fight climate change, private energy data access is a critical requirement to deploy and manage distributed energy resources like solar, battery storage, electric vehicles, demand response, and energy efficiency. Also, to make things harder, smart meters are second only to smart phones in how much they know about your day-to-day life. They know when you’re home, when you’re at work, when you’re sleeping, when you’re watching TV, when you’re taking a shower, when you’re having sex. So how do we make the switch to a carbon-free future without compromising energy data privacy? What will the future of energy data privacy look like?



Daniel Roesler is the co-founder and CEO of UtilityAPI, a utility data

service that automates interactions with utilities. UtilityAPI is an

early adopter of the U.S. Department of Energy DataGuard Voluntary

Code of Conduct, which outlines best practices for handling private

energy data. Daniel is on the board of the Green Button Alliance,

which manages the international standard around personal utility data

access, and is technical contributor to the Customer Data Access

Committee at the California Public Utilities Commission, which comes

up with the next generation of regulations around utility data access

in California. In his spare time, Daniel maintains several open source

privacy and security projects.

Tickets are limited to 40 people. Feel free to contact us if you have any trouble getting a ticket.

You are encouraged to read this relevant article on the legal status of smart meters before Daniel’s talk:

Ending Urban Shield “As It Is Currently Constituted” – Task Force Meeting @ County Building, across the street from the Courthouse
Dec 14 @ 9:00 am – 11:30 am

Meeting of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors’ Ad Hoc Committee on Urban Area Security Initiative, charged with reconstituting and rethinking Urban Shield.

The committee was established by the Board of Supervisors in March 2018 in response to sustained community concerns about Urban Shield, which is funded in part by UASI grants from the Department of Homeland Security, and coordinated by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.

The Board of Supervisors decided in March, 2018 that 2018 would be the last year the county would approve Urban Shield, as currently constituted, and asked the Ad Hoc Committee to make recommendations to the Board on the UASI-funded emergency preparedness training and exercise in 2019 and beyond.

The agenda will include a presentation and Q/A with county emergency preparedness officials (from ACSO, Public Health, and Social Services); a discussion of criteria for weighing recommendations; and a presentation about community-based emergency preparedness initiatives.

More information.

Agendas and materials for each meeting are posted at

Important City Council vote this morning on OPD ” Stop and Search” @ Oakland City Hall
Dec 14 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Come and support Rebecca Kaplan’s motion to send the “Stop and Search” policy regarding folks on parole or probation back to the Police Commission. Item 7.37 on tomorrow’s City Council agenda – meeting starts at 11 AM.

We must make sure that the policy is effective at stopping racial profiling and requires police officers to have ‘reasonable suspicion’ as a basis for pulling someone over and conducting a search. Enough is enough!!

88% of Oaklanders voted for the Police Commission so now OPD is trying to sneak around to do their dirty work of criminalizing most of us, especially our black and brown youth- come and tell them to listen to the will of the people who VOTED.

Make your own signs on 8 ½ x11 paper

Fill out a speaker card for the agenda item(s) you wish to address. You may elect to cede your time to others.

(If you are unable to attend please call (you can email but due to the time frame it is more likely your message will be noted if you call)

Mayor Libby schaff:
Officeofthemayor@oaklandnet com
Asst to city admin Joe deVries

Council rep Rebecca Kaplan

Councilmember Dan Kalb D1
Phone: (510) 238-7001
Fax: (510) 238-6910

Lynette Gibson Council Member D3
Email Address:
Phone Number: 510-238-7003

Legislation and Policy
If you are interested in interfacing with Councilmember McElhaney on a policy-related matter before the Oakland City Council, please contact her policy team:

Alex Marqusee, Policy Analyst
Phone: (510) 238-7031

Zachary Wald, Chief of Staff
Phone: (510) 238-7032

Councilmember Noel Gallo D5

“COMPASSION HAS NO WALLS” – Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity vs. ICE @ ICE San Francisco
Dec 14 @ 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Interfaith Prayer & Ceremony

  • We will gather on the sidewalk near the entrance to the building.
  • 630 Sansome St. is about a 10 minute walk from Embarcadero or from Montgomery BART Stations.
  • We will be welcoming Alexey Kharis recently freed from ICE detention thanks to your help, letters and support!

Also speaking will be members of the Cambodian community to share about the URGENCY of stopping deportations of Cambodian community members with an ICE deportation flight scheduled for this Monday!

Come stand with us outside the ICE building in downtown San Francisco to show solidarity and support to the many people who are required to go there for their ICE check-ins or who are held there in a transitional cell or attending their immigration court hearings.

Come and join us as we offer multi-faith prayers for reunification of families everywhere, for the redemption of human dignity of all, and for the termination of ICE and their inhumane prisons and tactics.

We will be taking up an offering of gift cards and Clipper cards for newly arrived immigrants if you would like to contribute. Suggestionis gift cards from Smart & Final, Foodmax, Target, CVS and Safeway.

East Bay DSA Stands With NUHW on Strike! @ Oakland Kaiser Hospital
Dec 14 @ 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Join your East Bay DSA comrades on December 14 and support the National Union of Healthcare Workers’ strike!

Thousands of Kaiser Permanente mental healthcare workers will be on strike across California from December 10–14. The East Bay DSA Labor Committee calls on all East Bay DSA members to join the picket line at the Oakland Medical Center, 3600 Broadway, for their lunchtime rally on Friday, December 14, from 11:30–12:30 p.m.

Mental health clinicians across the state will be striking against Kaiser. As front-line healthcare workers, NUHW members understand that the conditions of their work are the conditions of their patients’ care. That’s why they are striking against Kaiser’s chronic understaffing, which burdens workers and creates extensive wait times for patients seeking mental healthcare.

Learn more about the strike. An injury to one is an injury to all!

Big Tech Comedy Roast! @ Internet Archives
Dec 14 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm


Come fire up the grill on Big Tech, come laugh at our local tech firms!

Comedy acts interspersed with talks from NSA Comedy Host, former Amazon executive, and entrepreneur Vahid Razavi, author of Ethics in Tech, or The Lack Thereof and Age of Nepotism.

Friday Dec 14th, 6PM Doors open for networking, Show starts at 7:00 PM at the Internet Archive.

It’s better to laugh than cry. As the Romans used to say “illegitimi non carborundum,” “don’t let the bastards grind you down.” Come and make a difference with others who feel like you and have fun doing it too!

Besides the entertainment, it is a chance to have an amazing time while meeting others who are being the change they want to see in the world. Tickets available at

Francesca Fiorentini is a correspondent, comedian and B-list internet celebrity. She was behind viral hits like “The Real Deal With the US Mexico Border” and “White Fragility in the Workplace”, and was host of the show Newsbroke on Facebook Watch. She has been in SF Sketchfest three years and counting and is currently host of the podcast The Bitchuation Room.

Chloe McGovern started doing stand-up comedy when she was 18 years old, a decision that proved to be irreparably damaging both morally and spiritually, but a true delight to audiences everywhere. She can be seen regularly opening for Rich Vos and competing in Roast Battles at The Stand, New York Comedy Club, and The Comedy Store.

The New York Times on Will Durst: “Quite possibly the best political satirist working in the country today.” The Boston Globe: “A modern day Will Rogers.”

San Francisco Examiner: “Heir apparent to Mort Sahl & Dick Gregory.”

Nichole Spain was raised in Detroit and NY now by way of Philadelphia, Nichole is multiracial, multicultural, addicted to food, love men, and can’t keep a job.

Nichole has done theatre 9 years with comedic and dramatic rolls. She attended Philadelphia Comedy College and recently was a contestant at Helium Comedy Club’s Philly’s Phunniest. She recently debuted at Philly’s Punchline Comedy Club.

Nichole is a regular at Broadway Comedy Club in Manhattan. Live cable tapings for Manhattan Neighbor Network and Tnos Comedy cable Show in Brooklyn.

Up and coming comedian Jared Horning, has performed at the Shippensburg Comedy Club and the Boomerang Bar and Grill.

Vahid Razavi is the host of previous NSA Comedy Shows. Previously employed at Amazon and many tech firms in the Valley. Author of a new book Ethics In Tech and Lack Thereof. Copies of the book will be shared with the audience.

All Net Proceeds from this event will be donated to split between three Non-Profit Organization. These include Internet Archive, Freedom of the Press Foundation and The Church of Fellowship of All People.

Video recording of the stage will be taking place at this event.

Download Ethics In Tech and Lack Thereof. A Free Book By Vahid Razavi at

ROY ZIMMERMAN: RIZE UP @ Fellowship Hall
Dec 14 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

In the current political horror show, do you need some laughter? Some encouragement? Perspective? Inspiration? RIZE UP is Roy Zimmerman’s latest extravaganza, full of funny songs about ignorance, war, and greed. “With music this good and humor this insightful, there is good reason to be optimistic.” – No Depression Magazine

Roy’s songs have been heard on HBO and Showtime, and his videos have garnered tens of millions of views. He has recorded for Warner/Reprise Records. He’s shared stages with Bill Maher, Ellen DeGeneres, Holly Near, Robin Williams, Arlo Guthrie, John Oliver, Kate Clinton and George Carlin, and tours the country constantly with his wife and co-writer Melanie Harby. More information, videos, and merch at

Mass Solidarity Meeting to Support Public Education @ Omni Commons
Dec 15 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm


Endorse here:

California has the 5th largest economy in the world and the wealthiest in the nation but ranks only 48th in class size and 43rd in per-pupil funding. In terms of relative economic opportunity, California is 48th in cost of living and 49th in housing affordability.

Both United Teachers of Los Angeles and Oakland Education Association are fighting to improve student learning conditions that are their working conditions, for fair wages for educators and support staff, to decrease class size and caseload reductions, and support community schools, all made possible through increased funding that our students and schools deserve.

We are building towards coordinated local, regional, and statewide actions to fight for progressive and fully funded schools in all of California’s 1,050 districts; to defend public education against privatization and the further erosion of union sector jobs which fight to preserve decent working conditions for their workers, and to connect with struggles for social, racial, and economic justice so our students and communities can thrive.

OEA and UTLA are in intense contract negotiations and gearing up for possible strikes this coming winter. In response to the realtime needs of both UTLA and OEA, California Educators Rising is shifting the focus of this event on 12/15 (on the same day as UTLA’s “March for Public Education”) to a gathering of local union members, including OEA leaders and organizers, and community allies to build labor-community support for a possible OEA strike. We will engage in solidarity actions (photos, social media, art, etc) to support UTLA’s public march on the same day, and build our network of rank-and-file supporters that stand in solidarity with each other across the Bay. The more unions and adjacent organizations that participate in strike support, the better for the overall health and strength of the labor movement.

We envision this public meeting as an active participatory space that will build a network of rank and file union members and community allies who will support strike solidarity with OEA and UTLA and build towards future actions in the fight for fully and progressively funded public education in California. We welcome union members, community allies, and anyone in the Bay Area (and CA!) to join us on this date. We stand together with OEA and UTLA in the fight for the schools all our students deserve! Location and other details to be announced soon.

The meeting will include speakers, art, music, story shares and organizing meetings.

We welcome endorsements and participation from unions, organizations, and community groups for this mass meeting so that we can build the strongest base of support for OEA/UTLA and public education in California. We will also be showing our solidarity with UTLA’s “March for Public Education” happening on the same day.

If you are a member of a local union or community group, please bring this information back to your membership, and endorse here:

GOING SOLAR WORKSHOP @ Berkeley Public Library, South Branch
Dec 15 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm


Learn about solar photovoltaic (PV) for your home. Understand the basics of solar PV, the economics benefits of going solar, the options you have and purchasing tips. Special focus will be on home owners with low electric bills averaging under $100/month (excluding EV usage)

The Human Face of Hope: Caravan Migrant Stories from Eyewitness Accounts @ FIRST UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST SOCIETY OF SAN FRANCISCO
Dec 15 @ 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Gloria La Riva will talk about her unique first-hand account of walking with the Caravan, including stories from several migrants. A video will be shown. Refreshments and Light Lunch.

Funds raised will go to San Diego Rapid Response Network and Pueblos
Sin Fronteras

GLORIA LA RIVA joined the Caravan in Mexico in November 18 and will report on her encounters with the migrants and the current situation at the Border. Video will last approximately 25 minutes.

Strike Debt Bay Area: Debt Resistance is NOT Futile! @ Omni Commons
Dec 15 @ 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Strike Debt is building a debt resistance movement. We believe that most individual debt is illegitimate and unjust. Most of us fall into debt because we are increasingly deprived of the means to acquire the basic necessities of life: health care, education, and housing. Because we are forced to go into debt simply in order to live, we think it is right and moral to resist it.

Come get connected with SDBA’s projects!
  • Presenting debt and inequality related topics at forums, workshops and in radio productions.
  • Relieving Medical Debt through pennies-on-the-dollar buyback programs.
  • A book group focused on Economic Inequality and Economic Theory for the modern age.
  • Promoting single-payer / Medicare for All to end the plague of medical debt
  • Money bail reform and fighting modern day debtors’ prisons and exploitative ticketing and fining schemes
  • Tiny Homes and other solutions for the homeless.
  • Student debt resistance. Check out the Debt Collective, our sister organization
  • Helping out America’s only non-profit check-cashing organization and fighting against usurious for-profit pay-day lenders and their ilk
  • Working on debarring US Banks that have been convicted of felonies from municipal contracts, and divesting from the Wall St. banks
  • Promoting the concept of Basic Income
  • Advocating for Postal banking
  • Organizing for public banking in Oakland! We made the first steps happen… now there’s a spinoff group
  • Bring your own debt-related project!

If you are new to Strike Debt and want to come early, meet one or two of us and get a briefing on our projects before we dive into our agenda, email us at

 Also check out our website, our twitter feed, our radio segments and our Facebook page. Take a look at the local Public Banking website, Friends of the Public Bank of Oakland.
Strike Debt Bay Area is an offshoot of Occupy Oakland and Strike Debt, itself an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street.

Strike Debt – Principles of Solidarity

Strike Debt is building a debt resistance movement. We believe that most individual debt is illegitimate and unjust. Most of us fall into debt because we are increasingly deprived of the means to acquire the basic necessities of life: health care, education, and housing. Because we are forced to go into debt simply in order to live, we think it is right and moral to resist it.

We also oppose debt because it is an instrument of exploitation and political domination. Debt is used to discipline us, deepen existing inequalities, and reinforce racial, gendered, and other social hierarchies. Every Strike Debt action is designed to weaken the institutions that seek to divide us and benefit from our division. As an alternative to this predatory system, Strike Debt advocates a just and sustainable economy, based on mutual aid, common goods, and public affluence.

Strike Debt is committed to the principles and tactics of political autonomy, direct democracy, direct action, creative openness, a culture of solidarity, and commitment to anti-oppressive language and conduct. We struggle for a world without racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and all forms of oppression.

Strike Debt holds that we are all debtors, whether or not we have personal loan agreements. Through the manipulation of sovereign and municipal debt, the costs of speculator-driven crises are passed on to all of us. Though different kinds of debt can affect the same household, they are all interconnected, and so all household debtors have a common interest in resisting.

Strike Debt engages in public education about the debt-system to counteract the self-serving myth that finance is too complicated for laypersons to understand. In particular, it urges direct action as a way of stopping the damage caused by the creditor class and their enablers among elected government officials. Direct action empowers those who participate in challenging the debt-system.

Strike Debt holds that we owe the financial institutions nothing, whereas, to our friends, families and communities, we owe everything. In pursuing a long-term strategy for national organizing around this principle, we pledge international solidarity with the growing global movement against debt and austerity.

Berkeley Copwatch End of Year Potluck + Shindig @ Grassroots House
Dec 15 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Join Berkeley Copwatch for a community potluck and games night. This is a chance to socialize and get to know some folks who are working to hold police accountable. Invite your friends! We will play some games, talk politics and build some community together.

Bring a dish, side dish or dessert, as well as any party games you would like to share. BYOB if you so choose. There will be vegan and vegetarian options available.

The Rolling Catastrophe of the American Body Politic @ Niebyl Proctor Library
Dec 16 @ 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Sunday Morning at the Marxist Library

   What have things come to when arch racist Jeff Sessions and deep state spooks are canonized as by self-identified liberals and leftists as bulwarks against fascism? When all mainstream “opposition” politics can be summarized in a single word: Trump. And when the midterm elections ignored deepening impoverishment at home, endless wars abroad, and climate catastrophe  – let alone the tax cut for the superrich – instead focusing on the “threat” posed by (take your pick) immigrant workers and the Russians.

   The majority of eligible voters sat out the midterm spectacle, simply not bothering with politicians awash in ever more obscene tsunamis of corporate cash. Meanwhile, both the economy and the polity have become more concentrated and less democratic with an ever-wealthier elite perched atop of an ever-growing surveillance state, mass incarceration, and censored media on the internet.

   Economist Allan Miller, Green Party congressional candidate Laura Wells, and Peace and Freedom Party central committee member Roger Harris will try to inject reason to the rant, followed by robust questions and commentary. ICSS (Institute for the Critical Study of Society) member Raj Sahai will facilitate.

RPA winter meeting & holiday party @ Bridge Storage & Artspace
Dec 16 @ 2:00 pm – 5:30 pm

There will be an RPA membership meeting from 2-3:15 pm. Right after that, we will move into party mode and have our winter holiday party & fundraiser from 3:30 – 5:30. As usual, the meeting is for RPA members. But the party is open to all! Please invite friends, family and neighbors and help support the RPA in 2019.

About the party: Desserts and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided free of charge with donations accepted for beer and wine.

Our silent auction will provide an opportunity for you to bid on exciting gifts for others or for yourself, including: art work, art tour, piano tuning, dance lessons, Sushi and Cal-Mediterranean dinners, Cuban Rum and a 3 night stay in Cuba.

This event is open to the public and a great chance to get to know the RPA, build community, contribute to a great cause and pick up some wonderful gifts.

RSVP for the party here

After you register spread the free ticket link here, and spread the word via Facebook here

Occupy Oakland General Assembly @ Oscar Grant Plaza
Dec 16 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

The Occupy Oakland General Assembly meets every Sunday at 3 PM at Oscar Grant Plaza amphitheater at 14th Street & Broadway near the steps of City Hall.  If for some reason the amphitheater is being used otherwise and/or OGP itself is inaccessible, we will meet at Kaiser Park, right next to the statues, on 19th St. between San Pablo and Telegraph.  If it is raining (as in RAINING, not just misting) at 3:00 PM we meet in the basement of the Omni Collective, 4799 Shattuck Ave., Oakland.  (Note: we meet at 3:00 PM during the cooler months,  once Daylight Savings Time springs forward we tend to assemble at 4 PM).

On every ‘last Sunday’ we meet a little earlier at 2 PM to have a community potluck to which all are welcome.

ooGAOO General Assembly has met on a continuous basis for over five years! Our General Assembly is a participatory gathering of Oakland community members and beyond, where everyone who shows up is treated equally. Our Assembly and the process we have collectively cultivated strives to reach agreement while building community.

At the GA committees, caucuses, and loosely associated groups whose representatives come voluntarily report on past and future actions, with discussion. We encourage everyone participating in the Occupy Oakland GA to be part of at least one associated group, but it is by no means a requirement. If you like, just come and hear all the organizing being done! Occupy Oakland encourages political activity that is decentralized and welcomes diverse voices and actions into the movement.

General Assembly Standard Agenda

  1. Welcome & Introductions
  2. Reports from Committees, Caucuses, & Independent Organizations
  3. Announcements
  4. (Optional) Discussion Topic

Occupy Oakland activities and contact info for some Bay Area Groups with past or present Occupy Oakland members.

Occupy Oakland Web Committee: (
Strike Debt Bay Area :
Berkeley Post Office Defenders:
Alan Blueford Center 4 Justice:
Oakland Privacy Working Group:
Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity:
Bay Area AntiRepression:
Biblioteca Popular:
Interfaith Tent:
Port Truckers Solidarity:
Bay Area Intifada:
Transport Workers Solidarity:
Fresh Juice Party (aka Chalkupy)
Sudo Room:
Omni Collective:
First They Came for the Homeless:
Sunflower Alliance:
Bay Area Public School:

San Francisco based groups:
Occupy Bay Area United:
Occupy Forum: (see OBAU above)
San Francisco Projection Department:

Best of the Fest: Social Justice Shorts Film Night @ Omni Commons
Dec 16 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

We’re featuring the best films from FILMS TO THE PEOPLE Short Film Festival. Because of the smoke caused by the fires, a lot of you were bummed that you weren’t able to attend. So we’re hosting a Best of the Fest at our next film night. You won’t want to miss this last chance to watch this slate of films that shows social justice can be touching, hard-hitting, and even funny.

A Pair Of Horns On A Female Homo Sapiens by Saleh Kashefi
Con o Sin Papeles by Aria Zapata
Cycles by Latajh Weaver
Guardian Movie by Nicolas Jara
Snow Mountain by Ed Ntiri
The Salmon Will Run by Survival Media Agency
ZOO by Andrew Schrader

Doors Open @ 4:30pm