Wake Zuck Up at His House on President’s Day! Facebook Protest
Feb 17 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Gather at 21st Street and Fair Oaks

This Presidents Day, we will gather outside Mark Zuckerberg’s house near Dolores Park to let him know that we won’t be quiet in the face of his company undermining our democracy.

We are not sure what billionaires brunch on, but let’s give him some food for thought and a piece of our minds. It will be fun. We will be loud. And we will bring plenty of democracy bagels for everybody who shows up with a sign or a noisemaker.

Why? Zuckerberg’s San Francisco Bay Area technology company — Facebook — refuses to take responsibility for lies, hate, and disinformation spread on its platform. This irresponsibility is alarming — especially in light of the 2020 elections.

Facebook sells ads to U.S. politicians but imposes zero restrictions on lies and false claims and is happy to profit from micro-targeted advertising that’s being used to misinform, manipulate and incite hatred among vulnerable voters.

Facebook should recognize it has created a monster and stop politicians from being able to “buy and lie” in their campaign advertising in 2020. But don’t expect Facebook to let go of so much lucrative attention and influence without a fight. We are ready to fight and to wake the Zuck up!

Facebook should: Refuse political ads that lie, refuse to sell political ad microtargeting, and deny service to anyone seeking to disrupt the 2020 election.

Please join us on President’s Day to “Wake the ZUCK up”. Don’t let disinformation on Facebook ZUCK UP our next election.
To join our Palo Alto protest, email andreabuffa2006 [at]

Brought to you by Global Exchange, Media Alliance, Indivisible SF Peninsula/CA-14, CodePink Golden Gate, Raging Grannies Action League, MediaJustice, and the crew at Don’t Let Facebook ZUCK UP Our Democracy.

Wake The Zuck Up: Manipulation for Profit Isn’t Free Speech

The world’s biggest social media platform collected over $20 million dollars from the Trump administration in just the last year.

Those 218,000 ads used sophisticated micro-targeting based on Facebook’s cavernous catalog of personal data, to aim messages where they would most likely to be believed, and hide them from audiences more likely to be able to rebut them. This isn’t open dialogue and debate.

This is manipulation for profit, not free speech.

We’re visiting the Zuckerberg house on President’s Day to say stop profiting from sabotaging democracy under a fig leaf of free speech. With bagels.

It’s a wake-up call.

Join Media Alliance, Global Exchange, Indivisible San Francisco, MediaJustice and many others at Chez Zuckerberg on the morning of President’s Day, February 17th for a short and spirited rally.

What do we want? Three things.

1. Hold political ads from candidates seeking our votes to the same standards Facebook imposes on community groups and not for profit organizations,

2. Limit targeting on political ads from candidates to geography and not preferences developed from intrusive tracking and profiling of our online activities.

3. Don’t provide a platform for hate speech designed to terrorize vulnerable communities and incite hatred.

These aren’t radical demands. Even Facebook’s own employees have called for them.


On the morning of President’s Day, February 17th at 10am, we won’t be quiet about Facebook zucking up the 2020 election and our entire political process.

As we told the press:  We’re not willing to cede a communications network that reaches billions of people to the unfettered practices of a corporation that cares more about its profits than about our democracy. Not without a fight.

(Supported by the collective power of the MediaJustice network).
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East Oakland SuSu Lending Circle Program Orientation @ East Oakland Collective
Feb 20 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Do you have a goal to clear debt, start a business, and/or enhance your quality of life? Do you face barriers to loans from traditional financial institutions? Want to improve your credit score? Ever heard of a lending circle? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the East Oakland SuSu Lending Circle Program is just for you!

Join us for an orientation to learn exactly how East Oakland SuSu Lending Circle Program works.

*Light refreshments provided.
*Ages 18+ welcome.

*Facilities are wheelchair accessible.



The East Oakland SuSu Lending Circle Program is a self-help tool connecting East Oakland residents of color, particularly Black low and middle income individuals who fall between 30-80% of the area AMI and small business owners to collectively pool monetary resources for personal and group economic advancement. The program offers individuals a 0% interest savings loan combined with free monthly financial empowerment workshops and resources to expand participant financial awareness in personal budgeting, debt management, first time home ownership, and small business incubation. Typical monthly payments range between $50-$200 over 6-12 months. We encourage participants to save within our three savings tracks: business development, debt management, and a better quality of life. Using culturally relevant and traditional practices stemming from West Africa and the Caribbean, the SuSu program is also designed to establish a culturally safe and fun way to build trust in group economics.


Su – Su /‘soōsoō/ – is an informal means of collecting and saving money through a savings club or partnership. This means of saving money is a cultural tradition that is widely used in the Caribbeans, West and East African territories, to name a few.

Thu Feb 20th 6:30pm – 8:00pm MEETING

The East Oakland SuSu Lending Circle Program connects East Oakland residents of color, particularly Black low and middle income individuals who fall between 30-80% of the area medium income (AMI) and small business owners, to collectively pool monetary resources for personal and group economic advancement.

Join the 2020 cohort of the East Oakland SuSu Lending Circle Program to socially lend with your community! In partnership with Esusu, the lending circles are FDIC insured and help boost your credit score.

Next Steps
  1. Complete the participant questionnaire by February 13, 2020.
  2. Download the Esusu application.
  3. Attend the orientation on February 20, 2020, 6:30 PM at EOC’s office @ 7800 MacArthur Blvd.
  4. Lending starts February 22!
  5. Attend the monthly workshops– as little or many as you can.

Learn more at

International Day Of Action To Free Julian Assange & Chelsea Manning @ UK Consulate
Feb 24 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Join the Bay Action Committee to Free Julian Assange on an international day of action on Monday, February 24, 2020, at the San Francisco UK consulate. The action will also include support for Chelsea Manning who has been jailed by a Grand Jury to force false testimony against Julian Assange.
The real war criminals who run the UK government and the US. government go unpunished while the whistleblowers who exposed war crimes are threatened with torture and life in jail.
The criminal prosecution of journalist Glenn Greenwald by the Brazilian Bolsonaro regime is only another example of governments seeking to shutdown a eliminate journalists.


Leap Day Action – Declare Climate Emergency – extravagant spectacle, roving street party @ Downtown Berkeley BART Plaza
Feb 29 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Use your Extra Day to Declare Climate Emergency and keep carbon in the ground

*For life, beauty and joy & against eco-destroying robber barons!

The earth is not dying – it is being killed.
The corporations killing it have locations near you
(including in downtown Berkeley)

*Roam downtown visiting, decorating and disrupting banks and corporations*
*Build zero waste compostable altars for the 1 billion dead animals at each target*
*Dress as an Australian or Amazonian animal*
*Marching band / mobile bike sound system*
*Kid friendly *

Bring disguises, decorations, musical instruments, pogo sticks, your heart and dreams