Afrikatown Anti-Eviction Block Party @ Qilombo
May 28 all-day

Recently, the Qilombo Collective has been ordered to move the garden, and the people feel like there should be space in the city for people to learn, organize and work free of corporate pressure. So the fight is beginning to take shape, and on May 28, everyone is invited to the Anti-Eviction Block Party at the Afrikatown Garden. I hope to see you there.

Dinner and a Movie: Pride @ SEIU Local 1021
May 28 @ 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm


An Evening in Support of Political Prisoners
May 28 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Join us on Saturday May 28th at 6pm for an evening of food, speakers and music to support long term Political Prisoner, Romaine “Chip” Fitzgerald, and to build solidarity around US Political Prisoners.

Potluck before Occupy Oakland General Assembly @ Oscar Grant Plaza or basement of Omni basement if raining
May 29 @ 3:00 pm

The last Sunday of every month attendees of the OO GA will get together a little earlier than usual, at 3 PM to share some food with each others and the community.  There should be a table and utensils/plates courtesy of the Kitchen Committee (such at he is), so just bring a nosh to share… Eat-the-Rich-bonapetit

The Occupy Oakland General Assembly meets every Sunday at 4 PM at Oscar Grant Plaza amphitheater at 14th Street & Broadway, often on the steps of City Hall. If it is raining (as in RAINING, not just misting) at 4:00 PM we meet in the basement of the Omni Collective, 4799 Shattuck Ave., Oakland.

ooGAOO General Assembly has met on a continuous basis for more than four years! Our General Assembly is a participatory gathering of Oakland community members and beyond, where everyone who shows up is treated equally . Our Assembly and the process we have collectively cultivated strives to reach agreement while building community.

At the GA committees, caucuses, and loosely associated groups whose representatives come voluntarily report on past and future actions, with discussion. We encourage everyone participating in the Occupy Oakland GA to be part of at least one associated group, but it is by no means a requirement. If you like, just come and hear all the organizing being done! Occupy Oakland encourages political activity that is decentralized and welcomes diverse voices and actions into the movement.

General Assembly Standard Agenda

  1. Welcome & Introductions
  2. Reports from Committees, Caucuses, & Independent Organizations
  3. Announcements
  4. (Optional) Discussion Topic

Occupy Oakland activities and contact info for some Bay Area Groups with past or present Occupy Oakland members.

Occupy Oakland Web Committee: (
Occupy Oakland Kitchen Committee: (
Strike Debt Bay Area :
Berkeley Post Office Defenders:
Alan Blueford Center 4 Justice:
Oakland Privacy Working Group:
Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity:
Bay Area AntiRepression:
Biblioteca Popular:
Interfaith Tent:
Port Truckers Solidarity:
Bay Area Intifada:
Transport Workers Solidarity:
Fresh Juice Party (aka Chalkupy)
Sudo Room:
Omni Collective:
First They Came for the Homeless:
Sunflower Alliance:
Bay Area Public School:

San Francisco based groups:
Occupy Bay Area United:
Occupy Forum: (see OBAU above)
San Francisco Projection Department:


David Swanson & Cindy Sheehan: War Is A Lie @ Fellowship Hall
May 29 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

warisalieJohnDavidJoin David and Cindy to mark the publication of the new, 2nd edition of War is A Lie, a thorough refutation of every major argument used to justify wars, countering the theory that war is an inevitable part of human nature and drawing on evidence from numerous past wars, especially those wars that have been widely defended as just and good. This is a handbook of sorts, a manual to be used in debunking future lies before future wars have a chance to begin. Swanson is an author, activist, journalist, and radio host. He is director of and campaign coordinator for

Swanson’s books include War Is A Lie, When the World Outlawed War, Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union, The 35 Articles of Impeachment and the Case for Prosecuting George W. Bush, and Tube World (a childrens’ book). He blogs at and He hosts Talk Nation Radio. He is a 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee.
cindysheehanCindy Sheehan has authored five books, including Peace Mom: A Mother’s Journey Through Heartache to Activism and Revolution, A Love Story, her latest, a love note to Venezuela. Cindy’s oldest child, Casey, was killed in Iraq on April 04, 2004 in a war that neither she nor he supported. Cindy garnered international notoriety in the summer of 2005 when she camped out at George Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Tx. Cindy is mother to three surviving children and four grandbabies. She divides her time between writing, traveling to work for peace and justice, playing with her grandchildren, and hosting The Soapbox radio show

Autographed Copies of War Is A Lie will be for sale.

Occupella: Tax the Rich Weekly Rally @ In front of the old Oaks Theater
May 30 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Sing for an hour on Solano Avenue at the old Oaks Theater, Berkeley.

Questioning Common Enrollment in Oakland’s Schools @ 3rd floor
May 31 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Film Screening: Killing Them Safely. (Anti-Taser Documentary) @ Roxie theater
May 31 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Join us for the San Francisco theatrical premiere of Killing Them Safely, an explosive 2015 Tribeca Film Festival documentary selection on the controversy over police use and misuse of Tasers.

Following the screening, stay for an important discussion featuring filmmaker, Nick Berardini, and San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi about the film and its implications for the upcoming decision of the San Francisco Police Commission to possibly start outfitting SFPD officers with Tasers.

Co-sponsored by ACLU of Northern California, San Francisco Public Defender’s Racial Justice Committee, Coalition on Homelessness, Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus, National Lawyers Guild SF Bay Area Chapter, 48 Hills.
Hundreds of deaths. Zero oversight. In the early 2000s, brothers Tom and Rick Smith revolutionized policing by marketing the Taser to law enforcement agencies. This supposedly safe alternative to handguns was supposed to curb the use of deadly force—so why have over 500 people died from Taser-related injuries since? At a time when questions about police methods are at the forefront of the national dialogue, Killing Them Safely brings together startling archival footage and eye-opening interviews with experts on both sides of the debate to shed much-needed light on an urgent issue.

Directed by Nick Berardini. 2015. USA. 100 min.

What’s Going On In Venezuela? An Eye Witness Report Back. @ Unitarian Universalist Hall
May 31 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
An update on the current political situation and women’s empowerment, including food sovereignty projects. Teri Mattson, Executive Director of Task Force on the Americas, will do a power point presentation followed by Q&A

Co-sponsored by the BFUU Social Justice Ctee and Task Force on the Americas

Wheelchair accessible.

For occasional email notices of peace/eco/social justice alerts and related events at BFUU, send any email to:
bfuusjev-subscribe [at]

For weekly notices of BFUU services etc. go to:

Vigil for Amilcar Perez-Lopez @ Mission Police Station
Jun 1 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

“Occupy the Farm” film & discussion @ Fellowship Hall
Jun 2 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Transition Berkeley & the Ecology Center Present: “Occupy the Farm” film & discussion
6:30 refreshments, 7 pm event

Please join us to witness an incredible drama that took place in our own back yard in 2012 and that continues to unfold today. Occupy the Farm tells the story of 200 urban farmers who walk onto a publicly-owned farm in Albany, California and plant two acres of crops in order to save the land from becoming a real-estate development. This direct action set up a vibrant tent village on land destined to become condos, while their crops blocked the development plans of UC Berkeley.

Director Todd Darling will be present for Q&A, and the event will include updates on the current status of the farm and the developers. Copies of the DVD will be available for purchase at the event. Sponsored by: Transition Berkeley, Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Social Justice Committee, and the Ecology Center.

Bring: a local snack or refreshment to share at 6:30 pm if you like

Jill Stein, Green Party Presidential Candidate @ Downtown Berkeley Post Office Steps
Jun 3 @ 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm

jill-steinBerkeley Post Office Defenders presents Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for US President.

In addition to Ms. Stein, there will be other speakers who will cover such topics as

–       Preservation of Berkeley’s main post  office and other public resources in the face of privatization manipulations by high profit corporations
–       Unified protection of union jobs as USPS  attempts to move postal services to Staples
–       Eco-wise use of common space resiliance after  destruction of our community information, clothing, book, plant and seed sharing Center
–       Access to the Berkeley Post Office Community  Garden -Remove the ugly metal postal police fence
–       Support for tiny houses initiatives as pro developer politicians criminalize homelessness
–       Postal Banking-  no more bail outs, debt  slavery,predatory lenders and private banking fraud
–      UPSURGING Political voice/action in the face of  corporate control of government and media
–       An update on Berkeley’s response to Department of Justice attempt to threaten the cities ordinance to protect historic commons
       –        An update of community garden with over the fence seed ball planting

Join us for MUSIC with Hali Hammer and postal worker and activist Dave Welsh

Speakers may include:
– Mike Wilson from Berkeley Post Office Defenders
– Shirley Taylor, from the APWU (postal workers’ union
– Jesse Arreguin, Berkeley City Councilor whose district the downtown Post Office is in, and candidate for Berkeley Mayor.

Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley @ Downtown & MLK Park
Jun 4 – Jun 5 all-day

On the weekend of June 4th and 5th, 2016, the Bay Area Book Festival will once again fill downtown Berkeley with a literary extravaganza that offers pleasure to anyone who has ever loved a book.

Whether you’re a fan of food writing or poetry or science fiction or children’s literature or biography, come experience one of the best book festivals on the planet. Free to the public!

An electoral process that goes beyond Bernie – A Communist presentation @ Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library
Jun 4 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

The Communist Party USA (Oakland/Berkeley) invites you to a discussion of ‘An electoral process that goes beyond Bernie’. As background the following short articles are suggested reading.

John Bachtell, ‘Left Strategy in 2016: Building Real Political Independence’

C. Hass, ‘The Other Progressive Challengers Take on the Democratic Establishment’

Linda Burnham, ‘Notes on the Election’

Reese Ehrlich, ‘Why the Left Should Support Trump’

A Forum on Police Accountability @ Senior Center, Suite 201
Jun 4 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

June 4 flyer

A History of the Poor People’s Campaign in Real Time
Jun 4 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

May 14, May 21, May 28, June 4, June 11, June 18, June 25, 1-5pm

Using news photographs, memorabilia, reconstructed objects, documentary fragments, and original documents, contemporary artist Kate Haug re-tells the story of the 1968 Poor People’s Campaign, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s last monumental social protest prior to his assassination. The exhibition features images and objects culled from Haug’s extensive research in the archives of the Associated Press, the popular press, and eBay, which have not been seen together before, bringing to life the complex ambition of King’s vision.

King began organizing the Poor People’s Campaign (PPC) in 1967 to unify America’s poor across class rather than racial lines, believing that economic parity was key to African American equality within the United States. The PPC culminated with a 3,000 person shanty town named Resurrection City, constructed on the National Mall in Washington DC. Resurrection City drew people from all over the country, was the nineteen sixties version of the 1932 Bonus March and a predecessor to “Occupy”. The exhibition time frame for this show mirrors many of the actual dates of the campaign, tracing the Resurrection City’s opening day to its final destruction.

The PPC echoes aspects of current social movements such as Black Lives Matter, Fight for Fifteen, and Our Walmart. In San Francisco, a city with one the highest rates of income inequality in the United States, King’s work asks pointed questions about the contemporary social contract and the democratic promise of America.

News Today: A History of the Poor People’s Campaign in Real Time runs from April 9, 2016 to June 25, 2016.

Gallery Talks:
Sat May 14, 2pm:
Justin Gomer Ph.D., Lecturer, American Studies, UC Berkeley
A discussion of the images in News Today as they relate to the shifting political landscape in the years after 1968.

Sat May 21, 2pm:
E.C. Feiss, Ph.D. Student, Art History, UC Berkeley
The Politics of Display

Community Remembrance in Honor of Yanira Serano
Jun 4 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

June 2016 marks two years since the unjustly killing of our beloved Yanira at the hands of the Police in San Mateo County, pain and sorrow still present, but hope and love is even bigger.

The death of my sister two years ago brought a community together, I met so many kind and generous people who were willing to give their time and energy to help my family. People who did not know me, or my family but they knew what happened to my sister was a tragedy and wanted to fight for what was right.
Justice never came, but the struggle continues …

Everyone is invited to celebrate the life of my sister in commemoration of her second angelversary, in which not only will celebrate her spirit and the beauty of who she was, but we will also let the county and corrupt system know that we are still hungry for justice. Yanira is in the heart of each and every one who still remembers her.

Saturday June 4th, 2016 we will be joining our voices together with dozens of families that have also been affected by police violence in an effort to say enough is enough.

»There will be a ceremony led by Aztec dancers at The “Mariposa” Mural located at the “Our Lady of the pillar” catholic church in Half Moon Bay, Danzantes will lead us in a procession through the streets of the city.

»We will all meet at the “Mac Dutra” Plaza where we have an altar to honor the families victims of police brutality who have suffered and still suffer the loss of a loved one at the hands of the police. Families will share their stories of love, faith and hope.

»There will be a special performance, “Moonraised” is an example of what dedication and hard work can achieve. A group of young people who continue to be a motivation through their music for future generations. We repeatedly criminalize our youth by making them responsible and accountable for systemic faillures on the part of our social and educational system as well as the legal system, it is time to empower our kids to do more.

#JusticerForYanira #MentalillnesIsNotACrime

“Mental illness is so much more complicated than any pill that any mortal could invent.”

Jill Stein in SF: Challenging the Two-Party System @ The Women's Bldg
Jun 4 @ 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Come hear from Jill Stein, the Green Party presidential candidate, speak about building a movement to put people, planet and peace over profit. Dr. Stein is committed to continuing the political revolution to Election Day and beyond, so no matter who you’re supporting in the primary, join us to hear Jill’s plan to win power for the people!

As she says, “Unfortunately, our country has been concentrating wealth and losing democracy. And now it’s reaching its logical conclusions–it’s the inevitable final stages of predatory capitalism that’s creating an unlivable world. Not only is our economy increasingly unfair, but now we’re putting the very future of the planet at stake.

All these crises really converge on the backs of the younger generation–especially the crisis of police brutality and mass incarceration. This generation is suffering, up close and personal, the ravages of unbridled capitalism. So it’s absolutely logical that millions of people are rejecting that system and moving toward a more just system that many people see in the promise of economic democracy–in other words, a more socialist type of economic system.”

This event is hosted by the Bay Area International Socialist Organization. The ISO has endorsed Jill Stein’s campaign as an important step in the fight to break up the pro-corporate, two-party system.

Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley @ Downtown & MLK Park
Jun 5 all-day

On the weekend of June 4th and 5th, 2016, the Bay Area Book Festival will once again fill downtown Berkeley with a literary extravaganza that offers pleasure to anyone who has ever loved a book.

Whether you’re a fan of food writing or poetry or science fiction or children’s literature or biography, come experience one of the best book festivals on the planet. Free to the public!

COINTELPRO Then and Now: Breakfast Forum @ First Unitarian Universalist Church, Martin Luther King room
Jun 5 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am

“COINTELPRO Then and Now” with Claude Marks and Nathaniel Moore of the Freedom Archives

COINTELPRO is the FBI’s secret and illegal program to undermine and destroy popular movements for social justice that swept the US, beginning with the early civil rights movement and Puerto Rican independence movement in the 1950s, continuing to the 1960s/1970s. Orders to misdirect, discredit, disrupt, and neutralize progressive and radical organizations and leaders, up to and including outright assassination of leaders resulted.

9:00:    Coffee/socializing.  Breakfast is available for nominal fee.
9:30:    Program
10:30:    Questions, Comments, Discussion
10:45:    Adjourn
11:00:    Worship Services (in the Sanctuary)

For more information about the Freedom Archives, go to: