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Nhl Jerseys Attach More Importance In People s Life

Coleman has a legitimate shot at making the Eagles replica Cleveland Cavaliers jerseys because of his use on special departments. Some helmets are made just defend the head while other people are made to shield the head and the actual of the rider as well. All three landed recruiting classes had been ranked involving top 20 in the continent by Collegiate Baseball magazine last month, and those players really on traditional. As an alternative to true odds, they offer 135/-145 or 185/-210. Cy Young played his first Major League game … Continued


Occupy the Farm Rally 5/15 report from Albany Patch

Re-posted from Albany Patch     Read more on Albany Patch about the Gill Tract occupation. About 75 people reportedly came together at the Albany Library and Community Center on Tuesday evening for a “re-convergence” meeting called by Occupy the Farm following a police raid Monday morning along with 10 arrests later in the day. The group, perhaps up to 200 people, according to one attendee, marched along the westbound lanes of Marin Avenue to the Gill Tract after a short meeting. The group was set to leave Albany for Oakland to … Continued


How Occupy the Farm Gave a Breath of Fresh Air to the Occupy Movement and Asserted its Right to Reclaim the Commons

Jeff Conant Note: this is an update of an article first written for Climate Connections. When the original was written and published, on May 8, the Gill Tract Farmers Collective was actively engaging local community members in reclaiming the last and best piece of arable farmland in the urban Bay Area. Today, a week later, the core of that collective is in jail awaiting charges to be filed.   May 14, 2012 – When hundreds of people took up the banner of “Occupy the Farm” on April 22nd and laid … Continued


Occupy the Farm protesters try to plan next move

CBS NEWS Alan Wang BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) — Those Occupy protesters who took over a piece of farmland owned by UC Berkeley are trying to figure out their next move. They were kicked off the land early Monday, but they not giving up. Early Thursday evening a small band of Occupy the Farm members and supporters gathered in front of the library. Occupy the Farm members say they’ll leave from the library and march to the UC Berkeley chancellor’s mansion, on campus. Many of them are still upset after being … Continued


Communiqué from Decolonize Oakland 3.18.12

Re-posted from Decolonize Oakland March 18, 2012 Decolonize Oakland (formerly the QPOC/POC caucus/committee of Occupy Oakland) would like to reintroduce ourselves to you, our communities, as an autonomous collective. We believe that working autonomously will give us the freedom to build power from below. Occupy Oakland’s failure to fully address the ways that race, gender, and sexual oppression intersect with capitalism in the lives of Oakland’s communities of color has made it challenging for us to work under the “Occupy” umbrella. Moreover, the unchecked race and gender privilege within Occupy … Continued


Jean Quan’s Calculus

By jamartin101 Jean Quan might focus on the crime epidemic in Oakland as zealously as she focused on sending the riot police after those at Occupy who would protest the very conditions of economic decay and futility that drive violent crime. She might consider her hypocrisy in selectively applying enthusiastic police force and her own arrogant admonishments to the suppression of legitimate and democratic dissent, for the purposes of protecting property and averting any inconvenience to the well-off, her power base. Then she stands silently by while children are gunned … Continued


General Assemblies are held on Wednesdays at 6:00 PM at Oscar Grant Plaza and Sundays at 2:00 PM at 19th and Telegraph. 1060