Blue Pimping: OPD and the Sex Industry

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Let’s not bury the lead deeper than officer so-and-so buried his wife. This begins with a woman’s murder. She was murdered by her husband, and the police covered it up. As we deign to address the sordid, fleshy affairs of Oh Pee Dee (as a perfunctory course, addressing pertinent market matters), let us not forget the murdered sex workers, their bodies regularly found strewn through Oakland’s hills, like so much illegal dumping. Let us be ever vigilant that not even one more should die, especially at this time of tumult for Oh Pee Dee.

OPDeyeingThere is no such thing as a child-prostitute. There is, however, child sex-slavery, and slavery always has a tragic and defining influence on all industries. Be it Chinese/US prisons, African minerals, or pimping, slave labor negatively affects wages and working conditions in the free market. Slavery literally shapes the world we live in. From the track to the internet, pimping impacts standards and practices for all sex workers, but none so much as that done by state-sponsored pimps. While Blue Pimping represents only a small portion of all pimpery, its nature lends inordinate support and strength to all trafficking. In short, Oh Pee Dee is a bad influence on pimps.

A pimp cartel is a degenerate collection of sociopathic parasites, and blue pimps have state resources (such as data) that can be utilized in the intimidation and control of sex workers. One such worker, Celeste Guap, described being texted by a pig to whom she had not given her number. Imagine what that is like (if you even have to). What thoughts would run through your head? This is a clear demonstration, a precise communication of power: “We have your number. You are shared. We are Daddy.” As with slavery, such power is the exclusive privilege of the state, but this is far more egregious than mere privilege. It’s even more deplorable than state regulation. It is using the best virtues of the free market against itself.

The Mickey Mouse theatre of cops and robbers is quaintQuintisha-800x1093 and a great way to sell tickets at the voting booth, but in the real world (the market), pimps share fellowship in a common cause. Without having to meet in person or even get along, pimps communicate with each other through the market (the Invisible Pimp Hand, if you will). When a sex worker connected to Oh Pee Dee is murdered, how does that influence the investigation? Do these police want the killer found? The police are, at the very least, colleagues to these murderers. As such, pimps in the private sector are only emboldened by the police. As a menace to women, the police drive sex workers into the clutches of pimps. With arrest, there is the risk of death, extreme brutality, financial ruin, and, at minimum, rote sexual assault (cavity search). Simply put, state violence perpetuates market violence.

Oh Pee Dee is in chaos, and it’s reasonable to assume many pigs are loosening their grip, wanting to fade behind the bureaucratic veil and hide behind that big Blue Wall of Silence. Thanks to state privilege and unions, it is unlikely any of these pigs will be charged as pimps, but their market activities are in certain disarray. In other words, pimping just got a whole lot harder.

Now is the time for unity and solidarity, in the spirit of individualism and competition. Now is the time to rise up against pimps of every stripe. Fuck the gorillas. Fuck the romeos. Fuck the police.


dictated but not read,

J.D. Atwater


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