Libertarians and the Progressive Movement

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I consider Occupy the ray of hope on the otherwise bleak horizon. That is why I am bothered to find people in the Occupy Movement who support Libertarians. Typically, the people who do this will say they don’t agree with everything Libertarians stand for but we can make common cause with them.

I usually hear that at least Libertarians are against the war. That’s a big thing, I realize. But what about the rest of their agenda? Stopping all social safety nets? Stopping all government control over harm corporations do to the environment, to animals? Allowing no holds barred union busting? In short, laissez-faire capitalism.

I wonder how many of these people are willing to sacrifice other people for the cause of ending war but not themselves. I asked a guy yesterday if he would be willing to starve to death if it would end war. He wouldn’t answer my question. Instead, he dismissively declared, “Nobody starves to death in America.” I’d expect to hear that from Mitt Romney, not from someone in Occupy.

I, myself, am on Social Security. Without Social Security, I would have no money. I wouldn’t be able to pay the rent or buy food. It chills me to the bone to see a “comrade” coolly consider a the possibility of  Social Security being cut off for the sake of a good goal like ending war. I cannot ignore the fact that it is me who will suffer, not him.

I have been told that Occupy Oakland is the only Occupy that officially endorses Socialism. Is this true? I love Occupy Oakland. I want to see these principles shouted from the rooftops. I told this guy that there are principles that cannot be compromised. He told me we are not standing behind principles, we are just arguing about them. I stopped arguing with him and walked away.

I would invite others to weigh in on this subject. I’m against the war but that’s not the only issue I care about. I hope others feel that the austerity imposed by libertarians and conservatives is as unacceptable as the military state erected to protect this program of genocide. Yes, I said genocide and it is the right word for what the 1% has in mind for those they can’t work like slaves.

Victory for the 99%


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