POETRY FOR THE PEOPLE at Oscar Grant Plaza, May 1, starting at noon.

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From David and Sara (re-posted)

Our idea is to maintain a continuous presence at the plaza starting at 12noon.  This will provide a place to see friendly faces, to check
in on arrival, to hang out during the day & to regroup after

For those who have been unsure about how to engage with Occupy in
recent months, we aim to provide a way to plug in — by convening with
your friends !

I’d also like to suggest that we bring down poems to hand out — if each of us brought 50 or 100 copies of a poem that we think ought to be widely read, we could distribute thousands of poems to the many folks
who will be out on the streets of Oakland on May First.

More information on the strike can be found at :


In addition, promotional materials (posters & flyers) are available at the Brown Couch Cafe on 14th St., should you desire to distribute them.

Hope to see you all on the first !


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  1. michael123


    COMING JULY 4TH 2012

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    Spank The Bull! will become available to the public for free download in PDF formet. On July 4th 2012

    Hard copies of Spank The Bull! will be delivered to New York’s Occupy Wall St. General Assembly and other Occupy locations in other states on JUly 4th 2012

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  2. Liberate Oakland

    Bill Luoma // @bluoma

    thanks oo and latfmanarchists

    I was sleeping at home
    at 3am on October 25
    when the alert came in.
    Very heavy police presence.
    20 chp in parking lot nearby.
    Seems as if raid is imminent.
    Will update.
    Raid confirmed.
    Get here immediately.
    Lines of riot cops marching toward camp.
    Oakland eviction raid any minute!
    Pls call
    & wake up friends
    & get down to 14th & bdwy to help defend!
    I’m not really popping a boner right now.

    The emergency broadcast system
    made duck quacks
    on october 25th at 4am.
    Sasha is sleeping and I am guarding.
    Charles and Juliana are there.
    Police are here,
    Gave dispersal orders.
    Please come!
    If Charles and Juliana get arrested
    I will call in sick
    & play with Sasha
    & pick them up.
    Those straight white manarchists
    really need an accountability process
    Right Now!

    The emergency broadcast system
    beeped again at five-thirty am on october 25th.
    They have a sound canon.
    I have punk boy in sf.
    Raid went down at 5am.
    Both oscar grant plaza & snowpark.
    90+ arrests. Folks taken to 6th & wash,
    overflow to santa rita jail.
    Force deployed – bean bags, gas.
    Mutual Aid – ALCO, CHP, Berkeley,
    hayward, UC Berkeley, Fremont,
    San Leandro, Emeryville, Pleasanton,
    Union City, Newark, Solano County, Alameda.
    85 arrests
    6 snow park
    Some of the arrestees came from as far away as Florida and Illinois.
    I am recalling this onto the work modulus at nine am.
    From the west oakland BART I can see helicopters
    over the plaza and other unidentifiable raptors
    confused and in need of fuel.

    The emergency broadcast system
    was on vibrate at 11am on october 25.
    I’m working on a project with Jorge Regula
    trying to write a method
    to determine if an android device
    has a connection to the ad-hoc network.
    I’ve got on my yellow shirt.
    Reconvene at Oklnd Main Library
    (14th&Madison) 4PM today!
    Spread the word!
    Fwd this to your contact list.
    Not all are receiving these txt alerts.

    piped the emergency broadcast system on october 25th.
    At 4:30 am the Oakland Police Department began enforcement
    of the Notice of Violations and Demand to Cease Violations
    to persons staying overnight in Frank Ogawa Plaza
    related to the Occupy Oakland demonstration.
    By approximately 5:30 am,
    Frank Ogawa Plaza had been contained,
    and the City is in the process of mobilizing the clean-up phase.
    Downtown employers and City employees
    are still advised to delay the start
    of the work day until further notice.
    The 12th Street BART station is closed.
    AC Transit is re-routing buses downtown.
    The City of Oakland appreciates
    the outstanding mutual aid assistance
    provided by local law enforcement agencies.
    This is the voice of riot control.
    (Astro boffins stumped after killer gamma rays ruled out.)
    Confirmed: some arrestees
    taken to Santa Rita jail in Dublin.
    Call 925-268-6500 to demand cite
    & release immediately!
    keep the calls
    & pressure on!
    remind them that some folks have medical conditions.
    PLUS: dont forget- 4PM RALLY AT LIBRARY: 14th&madison
    fuckin’ PACKED bitches.
    bring it, oakland!

    Just the facts
    said the emergency broadcast system
    on October 25 at 8th and Washington.
    Bobo is Dereck and Kitten is Kenower.
    Bobo is in the middle and Kitten is framing
    paint bombs, flash bangs and shotguns.
    All cops who are painted
    are very unhappy #ACWAPAV#UNHAPPY.
    Standoff at 14th and broadway.
    500+ Police have used tear gas several times this evening.
    Scott Olsen ‘has been shot’ in the head
    with a ‘non-lethal device’
    and ‘does not appear to die.’
    Water Fountains @ Snow Park nr bathrm;
    nr Lake Chalet 14th & Lakeside;
    +open faucet on Alice btw 13th &14th
    @ side o brick bldg.
    Bring bottles!
    What’s going on oaxaca?
    Go ahead. Don’t afraid.

    The emergency broadcast system
    prefigured a kind of washing & drinking
    at 10pm on october 25.
    If you were gassed tonight
    undress and hose off outside.
    Don’t bring the gas powder in the house with you.
    Chance of long term health effects.
    Oh fuck, where’s yopa when you need him?
    Don’t use that fucking hippie soap!

    The emergency broadcast system
    made a mistake at 10am on october 26.
    Plz disregard previous msg.
    The action was mistakenly sent out as happening today.
    No Labor Picket @ Jail today.
    Back 2 R Streets @ 6pm Tonight!
    What did I tell you about that fucking hippie soap?

    The emergency broadcast system
    made old peculiar
    at 5pm on october 26.
    GA tonight at 6pm at 14th and Broadway.
    If access to intersection is impossible
    we will reconverge at Oakland Public Library
    (14th and Madison).
    I’m at home watching Sasha.
    Watching the livestream.
    Watching the people say:
    Oakland General Strike set for Nov 2!
    And I think to myself
    this could happen again.