— a page from “medieval” for larry the bus —

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Steven Farmer

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— a page from “medieval” for larry the bus —

detergent    ingredients    plastic

who must be fed

simmer and plagiarist farce

the immobile blocks when we feel like little

carpenters– like you to live

to consume– a lot

and your body is just like a factory     temple

come up with energy     take away thought


a vote for configuration of taste

if mold develops, unwind

the syllables live in a sleeve

dock past adversity, season the plate not

porno?     meat dry-aged in a sermon, asunder

to take it out of

harm’s way     a gash in a tablet

relieves these wall of their thunder

they back up in two-dimensional slabs

decamero’ clock with a deviant


caddies for low-cost history

accurate practices, polyurethane storage

for elders, not to have seen in time

“revolution” a university class

in chartreuse or navy

better for chapters

cliffs hang over the dark pulp

compliance, intangibles having more broth

with a history, fees go to sea bells

sea bells knick

fledgling emitted a rasp


apparition museum

may 4 – june 23

appliances, twigs for phone poles

descriptive adjectives

now you can’t get out

the upper of several units

so much of this life is imagined

up with several

parking appeared in the work

the only thing that will help a sour mouth

apparition, script for the mute

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