Occupy Oakland Education March Arrives in Davis, Heads for Sacramento – Monday, March 5, 2012

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M5 Action


The plan for Monday, March 5, 2012 is that when our march and rally ends at 12:30 pm,
thousands of us will remain here at the Capitol. Politicians and the
State Assembly have failed to stand with us, the 99%. So many of us
will go inside the Capitol Building for a People’s Assembly to
ourselves decide how to make the 1% refund education, jobs, essential
services, and a better future.

Here is the schedule:
10 am – March begins at Southside Park
11 am – Student association sponsored Rally to Fund Our Future
1 pm – People’s Assembly inside the Capitol building
4:30 pm – Nonviolent direct action training inside the Capitol building
5:30 pm – Afterwork rally in solidarity with Occupy the Capitol

Occupy Education and Refund California adopted the following
nonviolence statement for the action that we ask everyone who comes to

“The Occupy the Capitol action will be a mass nonviolent action.
Those involved in its organization will not engage in acts of property
damage either inside or outside the capitol and do not condone such
acts. Decisions about tactics will be made democratically.”

If you don’t see your departure location listed here, and you are a
student or employee at an educational institution, contact your
student government to see if there is a bus leaving your school for
March 5.

If you can’t find a ride on a bus from your school, want help
organizing a carpool, or have other questions about getting to
Sacramento on March 5, contact us at: ReFundCA@calorganize.org.

Here is updated bus departure information:

*UC Santa Cruz: UCSC East Remote Parking Lot, 6am, March 5
*UC Davis: ARC Parking Lot, 8am or 9am, March 5
*City College of San Francisco: 50 Phelan Avenue (Upper Parking Lot,
Near Riordan High School, 7:30am
*SF Civic Center: 7:45am
*Fresno State University: Student Recreation Center at Woodrow and
Shaw Ave, 6am, March 5
*Berkeley: Bancroft & Telegraph, 7:30am, March 5
*UCR: University Avenue adjacent to parking lot 24, 12:30am, March 5
*UCM: Kolligian Library Traffic Loop, 7:30am, March 5


March 4, 2012

After a week and roughly 99 miles on foot, about 50 people from the Occupy Oakland made their way to UC Davis Sunday night.

“It was a very long walk, but these are some great people and it was a great time,” said Jen Sanders who made the trip on foot from the Bay Area.

The marchers, chanting the now infamous “We are the 99%” slogan, arrived on campus Sunday evening to a group of 20 or so Occupy Davis protestors who had prepared food and sleeping accommodations.

Organizers are expecting about 10,000 people to rally at the State Capitol on Monday. Among their concerns are tuition increases at UC and state colleges, along with budget cuts in the education sectors.

Unlike Saturday evening when anti-occupiers voiced their opposition at UC Davis, all on the campus quad were in support of the movement.

More than 70 demonstrators with the Occupy movement walked to UC Davis from Oakland Sunday afternoon.”We stayed united. We finished it for a reason,” said demonstrator Iriany Lopez.The demonstrators with the Occupy movement said they will join students and walk to the capitol to protest against education cuts.”I am so passionate about education. What better way to express it?” said student Lalo Gonzalez.Some demonstrators said they will protest at the capitol even after it closes.Sacramento Police said they will have dozens of officers at the capitol making sure demonstrations remain peaceful.


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