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Occupy the Farm Planter Box Rally 5/19/12 Photos


As soon as I arrived to the blocked entrance of the Gill Tract I noticed that some occupiers were sad, in silence, and some even in tears. What bothered the most was to see the Police  on the other side of the fence mocking when I was taking their pictures.  I felt reluctant to photograph them because of their actions; I yelled at them “You’re not funny!” They yelled back at me something as I walked away ignoring them.  I had tuned out into a different world, because I was upset that … Continued


OccupyTheFarm – The Gill Tract Farm Solidarity March – 5/9/12 Photos

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OccupyTheFarm – The Gill Tract Farm Solidarity March – 5/9/12 Photos   Want to speak with Vice Chancellor Dan Mogoluf directly? Call his personal cell phone at (510) 919-6954 and tell him that you support the Occupiers and that… Farmland is for farming, not developers! Occupy the Farm on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy-the-Farm/342929665770200 30737


OccupyTheFarm: “Family Weekend At The Gill Tract Urban Farm” – Saturday 4/28/2012 Photos


Occupy Baby taking care of a baby plant. We want both of them to grow healthy and well. ~danilo   For more information about the Occupy The Farm, Take Back Gill Tract please visit:  http://takebackthetract.com  If you would like to have/use some of these photos, please email me at:  somebody@riseup.net  Thank you for taking action in the Occupy Movement!       28253