SoundSourcing: Building the New Permaculture – based Mythology Video / SoundScape by Willi Paul,

SoundSourcing: Building the New Permaculture – based Mythology Video / SoundScape by Willi Paul, html | video    “I have long believed that Humanity needs New Culture and to have that We have to have new myths. Myths rich in Truth as well as mystery. We have an advantage in this undertaking because of what We know of the past and Our World today. So much that We can speculate well on possibilities and potentials of Truth…as We make these Ours in Our Times. Myths can strengthen Us, by inspiring Us, in Our Quest to become More … Continued


Kitchen check in and important information!


Hi Food Justice Community! The Oakland Kitchen wanted to give a shot out to all the amazing and powerful food people. The BBQ crew has been on it! We also have a ton of occupy oaklanders helping at the kitchen farm, also thanks to the crazy autonomous cook and his huge meal actions all over town… know who you are, suspenders and all. Its such hard work and a lot of us know what it takes to cook for dozens and dozens, if not hundreds of people. We wanted to … Continued