A poem in protest of the ongoing worldwide population reduction agenda of the ruling global fascist elite kleptocracy… DEPOPULATION by IronBoltBruce )( I thought it was all about money And the power that it buys; But it’s about a depleted planet And with what who survives. It’s simple mathematics, Dividing what by who; They can’t make more resources, But they can make less of you. Forget the genocide of Third World Warlords, U.S. trained; It’s nothing next to body counts For corporations’ gain. Depopulation: Fighting unjust wars Where suicide Takes … Continued


An Idea

Hey Occupy Oakland members, how about you purge the criminal element out of your ranks? Then how about you purge the criminal element out of Oakland? Be constructive and truly take on a task worthy of doing. It is rather pathetic to continue on with this 1% crap if you are not willing to take on the murders and criminal element in your own neighborhoods. Instead of making it hard on your neighbors by being up all night banging drums and what have you, why not give back to the community you … Continued