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Feminist Vigilante March 10/05/12 Photos


Wow! Easily over 150 feminists and supporters marched last night (oct.05.2012) on the streets of Oakland. If they get attack the bash back, and more! A lot of supporters of all colors and shapes along the way. And like always, some Oakland Police cops making angry faces like waiting for an excuse to beat people up. 41741


Alan Blueford’s Family and Supporters at Oakland City Council Meeting – Oct. 02, 2012 – Photos/Videos


“Seeking Justice for Alan Blueford at the Militarized Oakland City Council: Police Murder and Political Contestation in the “International City of Peace” By: Mike King The Blueford family and the Justice for Alan Blueford (JAB) Coalition returned to City Hall last night, after causing such a disruption at the last meeting (September 18th) that it was cancelled.  On Tuesday evening, over 200 people came out to support the Bluefords in demanding answers, over 100 of whom were barred from entering the City Council meeting by Oakland police.  Inside the City … Continued


Support Needed: Come to City Hall Tuesday Oct. 2nd at 5:30pm


The Justice 4 Alan Blueford coalition (JAB) is asking people to come to City Hall Tuesday Oct. 2nd at 5:30pm to support the Blueford family and JAB in their demands for answers, accountability, and justice from city council; and now we also need to demand access as they are trying to limit/deny our right to attend city council meetings.   The more people who show up at City Hall, the more support and strength the Blueford’s, JAB, and the entire community will have facing the repressive, dysfunctional, and corrupt entity that comprises City Council, … Continued


Community Speakout Against Police Profiling and Abuse – 9/29/2012 – Photos


 . . . “About J.A.B. – Justice 4 Alan Blueford Just after midnight on Saturday May 6th, Alan Blueford and two of his friends were waiting for some girls to pick them up on 90th Ave., in East Oakland, after the Floyd Mayweather fight. Not long after Alan had phoned his parents to check-in with them, a car slowly pulled up to them with its lights off. Alan ran. One officer gave chase. A few blocks later Alan was shot by OPD officer Miguel Masso. Masso also shot himself in the … Continued