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Confronting the Many Faces of Repression

THIS IS A REPOST OF THIS ARTICLE, TO PLACE IT WHERE COMMENTS ARE OPEN, AS THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR CITED BELOW CHOSE TO POST THIS ON THE FRONT PAGE OF A COMMUNITY WEBSITE WITH COMMENTS CLOSED.  THE ARTICLE IS COPIED IN FULL WITH ZERO EDITS. October 22, 2012 at 12:33 pm. Posted by AntiRepression-Committee Categories: Announcements, Anti-Repression Committee, Solidarity Statements   Introduction: Rethinking Repression Over the past year, we have experienced many forms of overt police repression, from the camp eviction and night of tear gas on October 25th, to raids on the vigil, to … Continued


Who is the finance committee?

The day before yesterday, the finance committee posted here on OO’s website that there was a meeting, yesterday, October 17th, at Awaken Cafe at 6pm. Curious about the rumors that have been circulating, I decided to go because I really want the finance committee to have a chance to counter those rumors, to explain their side of the story. http://occupyoakland.org/2012/10/finance-committee-meeting-oct-17-2012/ I have never asked for money from Occupy Oakland but do feel myself to be a part of it as I have participated in many protests, paid bail, put money … Continued


Cascadia’s Green Mythic Tea Tribe. New Myth # 30 by Willi Paul

  Cascadia’s Green Mythic Tea Tribe. New Myth # 30 by Willi Paul – teaser – Menku and Kay work in the basement of the Green Leaf Café, a localized tea plantation (a reclaimed cemetery) and sipping spot in northeast PDX, now a proud member of Cascadia. They work with several other researchers to discover how the mythic gene works and if they can turn it on for folks without its spark.   http://wp.me/P2JLqK-23     42244


Are You Creating New Rituals?

Our Falling Rituals – New Myth # 29 – Video by Willi Paul, newmythologist.com View the Video Now. 41306


“The Ostrich & the Flame Thrower: Crisis Storytelling in the Chaos Era”, Willi Paul, Principle, newmythologist.com

“The Ostrich & the Flame Thrower: Crisis Storytelling in the Chaos Era”, Willi Paul, Principle, newmythologist.com    – excerpt – The big question here is how do non-profits, corporations and other organizations nurture and disseminate their stories in a global climate of chaos? Can Occupy protests, nightly corporate TV news and environmental justice web sites plant “non-GMO seeds” for new stories and new myths? http://wp.me/p2JLqK-50     41068


Willi Paul Launches newmythologist.com > idea > journey > community

http://newmythologist.com/  i d e a > j o u r n e y > c o m m u n i t y Launch Content (9/23/12) [A.] “Transition Tales” – a community interview from a recent Reskilling Expo sponsored by Transition Palo Alto [B.] stories for new myths #1 “We are Celilo Falls” by – Micheal Sunanda [C.] Equations for a New Global Mythology (ver 1.0) PR Newmythologist.com incorporates video storytelling and digital conversations to accelerate our client’s self-discovery, values and messaging. We develop an organization’s story and brand using techniques championed by myth scholar … Continued