Labor Solidarity Committee

We take the fight against the 1% to the 1%. Non-union labor, unionized labor, and labor supporters are all welcome in this action oriented committee. We are also the node for solidarity from organized labor, from mobilization to trucks, fliers, and port-o-potties.

Pickets Still Needed!!! It’s ALL Shutdown! No Work Happening Today @ Port of Oakland.


The call is still out to come to the Port to maintain the picket lines and make sure the lines hold from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Here’s how the news first arrived: Mollie @missmollie33 BREAKING NEWS: #PortShutdown #Oakland #N20 report from union worker just now, it’s ALL shutdown, NO WORK is happening! After speaking with her on the phone, she confirms that trucks have started to turn around and leave the port without loading. Shut it down! Haulers lined up with nowhere to go. Here is the SEIU’s very … Continued


Picket Lines Are Going Up At The Port Of Oakland and the Airport!


SEIU 1021 Port Workers are Going on Strike against Unfair Labor Practices engaged in by the Port of Oakland. The Port of Oakland has a $37 million surplus, yet refuses to give workers the proper information that they are required to by law. This is one of the richest Port’s in Oakland, the Federal Government has invested in the expansion of the Port to create good jobs in Oakland SEIU was there at the General Strike on November 2nd, 2011. SEIU members walked with Occupy Oakland as we shut down … Continued


“Something Evil Is Going On.”

On October 16th, at 5:00 PM, the Justice 4 Alan Blueford Coalition held a press conference on the steps of the County Courthouse, exposing the lies, unfounded allegations, willful bias and shoddy investigative procedures of the District Attorney’s report into the death of Alan Blueford at the hands of Officer Miguel Masso. A detailed, 10-page response to the DA’s report was also handed out (see below). The powerful video of this event is here. Speaking are Anne Weills, civil rights attorney, John Burris, civil rights attorney and the Blueford family’s … Continued



10/13/12 – The Labor Solidarity Committee of Occupy Oakland stands in solidarity with the 20 people beaten and arrested in San Francisco last Saturday. The arrestees were part of an Anti-Colonial/Anti-Capitalist protest, held in conjunction with others along the west coast who were holding actions throughout the Columbus Day weekend at Canadian, US, and Mexican consulates and government buildings to oppose the occupation and destruction of Native/indigenous lands by multinational mining corporations. Police repression is not unfamiliar to the labor movement. Police have been used violently against us countless times, … Continued


VICTORY! Two Years, Seven Months, And 21 Days Later, the Castlewood Lockout is Over.

Workers locked out of the Castlewood Country Club in Pleasanton, California since February 25th, 2010 will be able to return to their jobs — and health care coverage — on October 16th. A month ago a federal judge, finding that Castlewood Country Club had engaged in unfair labor practices and failure to negotiate in good faith, ordered the Castlewood workers reinstated with back pay, giving Castlewood management a month to appeal. Choosing not to appeal, management asked for and was granted additional time to negotiate a settlement with the workers … Continued


Solidary Statement With the South African Miners of Marikina

To the workers striking against Lonmin: We are the Labor Solidarity Committee of Occupy Oakland. We have been watching your struggle and are inspired by the strength, courage, and determination you have shown. We always support any and all workers who realize their power and stand up to fight back back against injustice. Injustices come from bosses, government, and even supposed allies. None have fought with more fervor and righteous persistence as you. Few have ever faced the horrors that you have in return. We are both mournful and enraged … Continued


Lessons From the ILWU Battle Against EGT in Longview And the Struggle Ahead-TWSC Forum


  Lessons From the ILWU Battle Against EGT in Longview And the Struggle Ahead-TWSC Forum Lessons From the ILWU Battle Against EGT in Longview And the Struggle Ahead The Transport Workers Solidarity Committee TWSC organized a solidarity forum on July 29, 2012 in San Francisco titled “Lessons From the ILWU Battle Against EGT in Longview And the Struggle Ahead”. Speakers included Mike Fuqua, ILWU Local 21 Longview Clarence Thomas, ILWU Local 10* Howard Keylor, ILWU Local 10 retired Robbie Donohoe, IBEW Local 6* & Occupy Oakland Labor Solidarity Committee Jack … Continued


Rally for Alan Blueford. Tuesday July 31st, 5:00 PM, OGP


Rally and Performances @ 5:00 PM at Oscar Grant Plaza before the now-cancelled Oakland City Council meeting on July 31st. Just after midnight on Saturday May 6th, Alan Blueford and two of his friends were waiting for some girls to pick them up on 90th Ave., in East Oakland, after the Floyd Mayweather fight. Not long after Alan had phoned his parents to check-in with them, a car slowly pulled up to them with its lights off. Alan ran. One officer gave chase. A few blocks later Alan was shot … Continued


Occupy Oakland’s Labor Solidarity Committee Invites Participation – Describes History

The OO Labor Solidarity Committee has been part of OO since we helped to organize for the November 2 General Strike and Port Shutdown, as part of the Strike Assembly, on the heels of the brutal attack on the camp by the OPD and the state. Invitation Labor Solidarity Committee meets every Thursday @ 6pm. Every other week it’s at OGP. On the off weeks we meet at various union halls, as they are available. A notice of the location is sent out weekly to the list. We always have … Continued


Worker’s Assembly – Saturday, 5/19/12, 10:00am to 2:00pm

The working class is facing an unprecedented assault from employers and the state. We must build solidarity in collective struggle. In this spirit we invite all workers – paid and unpaid, employed and unemployed, union and non-union, full-time and precarious – to join a Workers’ Assembly. We aim to encourage communication and solidarity between different sectors of the working class. We want to encourage common struggle against the 1% and their agents who exploit and oppress us, for a society based on justice and equality, where the needs and desires … Continued