Labor Solidarity Committee

We take the fight against the 1% to the 1%. Non-union labor, unionized labor, and labor supporters are all welcome in this action oriented committee. We are also the node for solidarity from organized labor, from mobilization to trucks, fliers, and port-o-potties.

This Is What Solidarity Looks Like. Labor, JAB and OOLSC.


In the wee hours of the cold, wet morning of November 20th, 2012, as a cadre of SEIU Local 1021 workers in Oakland prepared to shut down the Port of Oakland in search of a contract without clawbacks they had been without for more than a year, a man wearing a Justice 4 Alan Blueford T-shirt — who has never been a member of a union — arrived. That man is Adam Blueford, father of Alan Blueford, executed by Oakland Police Officer Miguel Masso on May 6th, 2012. What would … Continued


Strike Debt Bay Area Says: “You Are Not a Loan!”


We came together for the first time on November 15th. Since then we have formed a working committee, an offshoot of the original NYC-based Strike Debt, dubbed Bay Area Strike Debt. Now we’re hosting a Debtors’ Assembly, where we hope people will come together to learn about a debt system that is strangling us; where we will talk about ways to support each other against it; and where we will brainstorm ways to fight it on both local and national levels. It will tape place at the way cool Eastside … Continued


A Trio of Rileys


Imagine that as a young man you had participated in the lunch-counter protests that catalysed the civil rights movement. Imagine yourself now an esteemed civil rights lawyer, about to emcee an event centered around the murder of a young black man. Imagine that you will be introducing Angela Davis, sixties icon and now crusader against mass incarceration and police violence. Then imagine that thirty minutes before the event is to start, you receive a phone call that your nephew has been arrested, a police officer is wounded, and the officer’s … Continued


“As a Long Time Resident of Oakland I Feel Personally Responsible for Having Allowed The Police of This City to Continue Their Practices of Racist Violence…”


Angela Davis spoke to a standing room only crowd at Laney College last night. She was the keynote speaker at Celebrating Alan Blueford & Resisting Police Brutality, organized by the Justice 4 Alan Blueford Coalition and the Laney College Black Student Union. Ms. Davis’ first statement, after an introduction paying homage to Alan Blueford’s short life, was “As a Long Time Resident of Oakland I Feel Personally Responsible for Having Allowed The Police of This City to Continue Their Practices of Racist Violence…” One of the last times Angela Davis … Continued


SEIU Local 1021 Shut Down Port With OO, J4AB Help, Now Wins Big Contract Victory.


SEIU Local 1021, consisting of 200+ port workers at the Port of Oakland, had been without a contract for more than a year. The Port’s management had demanded concessions on health care benefits and was proposing other take backs as well, all the while showing massive surpluses while having their executives caught “entertaining” at strip clubs and falsifying the expense reports. The Local decided a couple of months ago that enough was enough (or not enough, as it were). Knowing that their membership wasn’t single-handedly capable of pulling off a … Continued


Help Save the Berkeley Post Office and Stop Privatization of the USPS


The USPS proposes to sell Berkeley’s beautiful Main Post Office, constructed in 1914. Our grandparents and great-grandparents paid for this building and countless others in this country that are on the USPS hit list. Over 3700 post offices are in danger of sale or closure. The USPS was established by Article I of the Constitution. Benjamin Franklin was our first Postmaster General. Until 1971 the Post Office was under Congress and funded by taxpayers. The media reports that the USPS has defaulted on their annual payments. But no one reports … Continued


SEIU Sends Appreciation to Occupy Oakland For Assistance With Port Shutdown!


Statement from Anna Bakalis, Communications Specialist, SEIU Local 1021 Demanding Retraction of Falsehoods Regarding SEIU’s actions toward Occupy Oakland, and Stating Their Appreciation of Our Efforts. I came across Alan Kurtz’s piece (11/20/12) about how SEIU Local 1021 hired security to keep Occupy folks out. This is simply not true. Our union did not hire “Rent-a-cops.” Since this is a contributor report, I don’t know if you have the same policies as regular media, but this simply must be retracted. Since the WHOLE story is based on this false assumption, … Continued


Pickets Still Needed!!! It’s ALL Shutdown! No Work Happening Today @ Port of Oakland.


The call is still out to come to the Port to maintain the picket lines and make sure the lines hold from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Here’s how the news first arrived: Mollie @missmollie33 BREAKING NEWS: #PortShutdown #Oakland #N20 report from union worker just now, it’s ALL shutdown, NO WORK is happening! After speaking with her on the phone, she confirms that trucks have started to turn around and leave the port without loading. Shut it down! Haulers lined up with nowhere to go. Here is the SEIU’s very … Continued


Picket Lines Are Going Up At The Port Of Oakland and the Airport!


SEIU 1021 Port Workers are Going on Strike against Unfair Labor Practices engaged in by the Port of Oakland. The Port of Oakland has a $37 million surplus, yet refuses to give workers the proper information that they are required to by law. This is one of the richest Port’s in Oakland, the Federal Government has invested in the expansion of the Port to create good jobs in Oakland SEIU was there at the General Strike on November 2nd, 2011. SEIU members walked with Occupy Oakland as we shut down … Continued


“Something Evil Is Going On.”

On October 16th, at 5:00 PM, the Justice 4 Alan Blueford Coalition held a press conference on the steps of the County Courthouse, exposing the lies, unfounded allegations, willful bias and shoddy investigative procedures of the District Attorney’s report into the death of Alan Blueford at the hands of Officer Miguel Masso. A detailed, 10-page response to the DA’s report was also handed out (see below). The powerful video of this event is here. Speaking are Anne Weills, civil rights attorney, John Burris, civil rights attorney and the Blueford family’s … Continued