Labor Solidarity Committee

We take the fight against the 1% to the 1%. Non-union labor, unionized labor, and labor supporters are all welcome in this action oriented committee. We are also the node for solidarity from organized labor, from mobilization to trucks, fliers, and port-o-potties.

2nd Anniversary of the Founding of Occupy Oakland!


Come to the General Assembly Sunday, September 1st, 2013, 2:00 PM at Oscar Grant Plaza on the steps of City Hall to talk about suitable events commemorating the 2nd anniversary of the establishment of the Occupy Oakland encampment on October 10th, 2011 at OGP. The General Assembly of Occupy Oakland has met at least once a week continuously since that time. All are welcome! 52356


Those Damned Hippies. They’re Saving the Post Office.


Yup. Hippies. Straight out of the 60’s, looking oddly like grandparents these days. Hardcore labor unionists. Harscrabble activists. Street kids. Cal students. Throw in a few of Berkeley’s famous homeless and They may think it’s a movement (as Arlo famously put it). A movement to save the Berkeley Post Office and stop the Privatization of our Commons. One hundred plus people rallied at the downtown Berkeley Post Office yesterday, celebrating 15 days of successful Occupation organized by an activist coalition from Save the Berkeley Post Office and Strike Debt Bay … Continued


Rally in Direct Defense to Save Our Post Offices: National Day of Action


We petitioned. We wrote letters. We got the City Council and the Mayor to write letters. We rallied and marched. We got our state reps and Barbara Lee, our US Representative, to make entreaties. The decision to sell the historic Berkeley Post Office was made in flagrant disregard to all such. Then we appealed the decision. And We were brushed off as only a bureaucrat, secure in his perch far above the voice of the people, can: “While I am sympathetic to the concerns raised by the concerned parties … … Continued


Stop the Sale of the Berkeley Post Office and the Privatization of Public Services!


Defense of the Berkeley Post Office! On July 27, starting at 1:00 PM at 2000 Allston Way, SAVE THE BERKELEY POST OFFICE in coalition with STRIKE DEBT BAY AREA will begin a defense of the downtown Berkeley Post Office. This demonstration of opposition to the sale of that Post Office will include a teach-in on privatization tactics used by the 1%, on the dangers of privatization to individuals and public institutions, and on the threats to civil liberties posed by the privatization of the United States Postal Service. There will … Continued


Mass Arrest Lawsuit Settled – OPD Costs Oakland’s Taxpayers Another Cool $1,000,000.


The National Lawyer’s Guild yesterday announced the settlment of a lawsuit from 2010 in which one hundred and fifty Oscar Grant verdict protesters were “mass arrested” for no reason other than revenge by Oakland Police and then mistreated by Alameda County Sheriffs’ Deputies. The protest took place on November 5th, 2010, the day that Johnannes Meserle, the BART Police Officer who killed Oscar Grant was sentenced to less than two years in jail (with time in custody reducing the sentence) for the murder of Oscar Grant. U.S. District Court Judge … Continued


CALL FOR ACTION: SAVE THE BERKELEY POST OFFICE is about a lot more than saving the Berkeley Post Office!


STRIKE DEBT BAY AREA has formed a coalition with SAVE THE BERKELEY POST OFFICE to oppose the sale of the historic main facility of the USPS at 2000 Allston Way in Berkeley. The intent is two-fold: to prevent the sale of a beautiful publicly-owned building containing Depression-era murals and to raise awareness of the ruthless asset-seizure pursued by the 1%, which is provoking the sale of post offices all over the country and is depleting the ability of the USPS to provide adequate service. The coalition of SDBA and SBPO … Continued


The Turkish Police Follies.


Hoisted with their own petards. A lesson in how not to break down a door. Of course all was not Keystone Kops. And the zombie apocalypse may have started in Istanbul. 50073


The Whole Damned System is Guilty.


On Thursday, May 16th, the Justice 4 Alan Blueford Coalition held a press conference on Oakland’s City Hall steps, demanding accountability from OPD and the firing of Miguel Masso, the officer who shot and killed Alan Blueford. In the previous two weeks, Oakland’s police department has been shaken up (not just stirred). Reports scathingly critical of OPD’s management were released by Thomas Frazier, newly appointed Federal Compliance Director of the Oakland Police, and Wasserman Consulting, hired by the city to suggest improvements in OPD’s methodologies. The Police Chief, Howard Jordan, … Continued




BLUEFORD FAMILY TO CALL ON CITY AND NEW POLICE CHIEF FOR ACCOUNTABILITY FOR OPD, JUSTICE FOR THEIR SON. May 16th, at 3:00 PM on the steps of Oakland City Hall: Adam and Jeralynn Blueford, the parents of 18 year old Alan Blueford killed at the hands of Oakland Police Officer Miguel Masso on 5/6/12, standing with the Justice 4 Alan Blueford Coalition, will hold a press conference to once again demand justice for their son, present over 1800 petition signatures for the firing of Miguel Masso, and call for accountability … Continued


Occupy the Farm Land Plowed Over by UC.


Statement released by Occupy The Farm earlier today. (at 5:00 PM, the plot was reclaimed by OTF participants. Their fate remains uncertain into the night. Image below is from the 2012 OTF endeavor.) Albany, CA UC police moved in to break up the two-day old Gill Tract Farm in the early morning hours of May 13. Despite a transformation of the vacant lot from abandoned field to blossoming community farm and democratic forum, the UC used police force to evict the peaceful farmers. Before Occupy the Farm will continue to … Continued