TPP ACTION @ San Francisco Federal Bldg
Jan 2 @ 10:00 pm – Jan 3 @ 12:00 am


Support Detroit Workers – Make the Banks Pay! @ Bank of America
Jan 3 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

On January 3 a revised deal with Barclays bank will go before the bankruptcy judge in Detroit. This deal that slightly improves the original one, will still exempt Bank of America and United Bank of Switzerland from the bankruptcy process that threatens Detroit workers pensions and the assets of the people from art, to water and parks.

Demo at BofA near Fruitvale BART at noon to support Detroit. (They are demonstrating at the courthouse Friday am and then going inside to pack the courtroom.) NY is working on a demonstration near Wall Street for Jan. 3, as well.

Cancel Detroit’s Debt –Make the Banks Pay, They Owe Us
Hands Off Our Pensions
Save City Services and Assets
Make the Banks Fund a Jobs Program

Oppose Barclays Swap Deal Which Will Cost the City of Detroit Its Future

Facebook event, RSVP and more info.

First Friday: Outreach Against the Domain Awareness Center @ First Friday, we'll be somewhere in the mix, probably near the J4AB booth
Jan 4 @ 1:30 am – 5:00 am

 Last month we had an awesome booth, surveillance video and clips from 1984 streaming, banners and handouts.  Then the powers-in-the-sky decided to pour down freezing rain.

We’ve now applied for a cloudless sky, and to untilt Earth’s axis so that it will be warm and daylight until late. Renee Domingo <WE LOVE BIG BROTHER>  is considering the application.  We’ll let you know.

Do come out regardless and <BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING> help us spread <FREEDOM IS SLAVERY> the word.

First Friday with J4AB. @ Alan Blueford Center for Justice
Jan 4 @ 4:00 am – 7:00 am

The Alan Blueford Center For Justice is honored to host Indo Slapmaster, Mike-aka DeeJay-West, Oscyi MT Mayor, & Moe Green for 1st Friday in Oakland, this is a show for The People, so COME ON!!!

Halt the Heist! Save the Berkeley Post Office! Pass the Zoning Ordinance! @ Downtown Berkeley Post Office
Jan 4 @ 6:00 pm – Jan 5 @ 1:00 am

On Saturday, Jan. 4, between 10:00AM and 5:00PM, the Berkeley Post Office Defenders will have an information table in front of the downtown Berkeley Post Office at 2000 Allston Way to inform people about the status of our strategies for halting the sale of that post office and fighting the privatization of the US Postal Service.

We will also have a petition for people to sign asking Mayor Tom Bates to vote for the proposed zoning overlay – – a precedent-setting strategy that will, if passed, preserve the entire Historic District around MLK Park, including the Post Office, for civic uses. See two writeups of this approach in the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times.

Please consider stopping by our outreach table on Saturday to sign the petition, find out more about our ongoing efforts to retain our vital public goods, and learn of ways you can participate.

Or just come and hang out for a while!

Occupy Forum: Mayor Gayle McLaughlin: Making Local Democracy Work in the City of Richmond @ Unite Here, Local 2, near Civic Center BART
Jan 7 @ 2:00 am – 5:00 am
A growing disconnect between citizens and government has renewed the need for local leaders to revisit issues of democracy and governance. What can we learn from Richmond? From standing up to Wall Street banks by using eminent domain to stop foreclosures, to taking on Chevron — California’s biggest polluter and a tax evader, Mayor Gayle McLaughlin is actually representing the people of Richmond and showing us representative democracy at its best.

Despite powerful attacks, Richmond became the first municipality in the nation to beat back Wall Street threats, litigation, and a campaign dedicated to end the city’s program using eminent domain to help underwater homeowners. How was the community, led by Mayor McLaughlin, able to hold off the banks, asset managers and securities units of Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and AIG, the very same firms that caused the foreclosure crisis in the first place?

For decades, environmental justice groups including Richmond Progressive Alliance, West County Toxics Coalition, and Communities for a better environment have fought Chevron, one of the world’s top polluters and a major tax evader whose refinery has long dominated the city. Chevron’s toxic, explosive, and corrosive chemicals and toxic releases cause devastating harm. To add insult to injury, Chevron vehemently opposes paying its fair share of taxes. Last fall, the oil giant pumped $1.2 million into city elections “They have been polluting our democracy along with polluting our environment,” said McLaughlin. The City of Richmond is currently suing Chevron for damages from the massive 2012 fire and Mayor McLaughlin has called on Chevron to pay its taxes and create a new corporate culture by putting the health and safety needs of Richmond residents before its profits. At the press conference announcing the city’s lawsuit against Chevron, McLaughlin was clear: “This isn’t just about money, it’s also about a culture of abuse. This suit is a situation requiring Chevron to be accountable to our community.”

Richmond is on the rise. Mayor McLaughlin’s focus on working side by side with a community that has suffered decades of injustice is helping to showcase how an urban community is transforming itself in the 21st Century.

More info at:

Time will be allotted for Q&A, discussion and announcements. Donations
to OccupyForum to cover costs are encouraged; no one turned away!
Stop the Oil Terminal in Pittsburg: Come to the City Council Meeting. @ Pittsburg City Hall
Jan 7 @ 3:00 am – 5:00 am

Let the City Council know that you are not happy with the idea of an oil terminal in Pittsburg! We are getting as many people as possible to come join us at the City Council meeting and show with our numbers and our voices that we do not want the WesPac project!

Some people will be making public comment, and you can do that if you want (we have tips on speaking for you), but we would love just to have your support!

Bring a friend!

via Pittsburg Defense Council.

Mothers in White: Justice 4 Andy Lopez @ County Building, Rm 100A
Jan 7 @ 9:00 pm – 10:30 pm

Mothers in White will pleasd for justice for Andy at the January 7, Tuesday, meeting of the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, at 1 p.m.

A bi-lingual flyer about the event includes a photo of Andy’s parents Sujey and Rodrigo over his coffin. Mrs. Lopez apparently plans to attend the event and may speak to the supervisors as a mother whose innocent son was killed by law enforcement.

“Every member of the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors is staring into a moral crisis!” reads the flyer. “What kind of ‘policy’ permits the brutal killing of a 13-year-old child who committed NO CRIME?” it asks. It poses the questions, “To what length would you go if your innocent child or grandchild was brutally murdered?”

The committee reported its intention to “create a dramatic visual impact” of at least 50 Mothers in White, as well as their allies, including men in white and the group Women in Black, which has appeared on street corners around the world to bear witness to those killed by violence.

People are invited to bring mirrors to hold up to the supervisors to examine themselves. Supervisor Mike McGuire apparently said that Andy’s death was a time to reflect in the mirror. This peaceful event intends such a reflection.

The color white was selected because it was Andy’s favorite color. White is not the absence of color, but the mixture of all colors, which is what this mass movement for justice seeks.

Source article.

Contested Spaces: Anarchist Spaces in Dialoge and Solidarity @ Station 40 Apt B
Jan 9 @ 3:00 am – 5:00 am

In the spirit of building solidaristic relationships between anarchist social centers, collectives, and event spaces, we will host a special panel and social hour at Station 40 on January 8 at 7 pm.

We’ve invited members of The Holdout (Oakland,, Outtaline (Emeryville), and The Base (Brooklyn, NY, to join us in a conversation about the activities we have been organizing in our spaces, and the political motivations that form what these activities look like. We also hope to touch on the impact of our spaces. After a short panel discussion, everyone is welcomed and encouraged to kick it! We’ll have food, tea, and games.

This event is open to the public, but those involved other collectives are especially encouraged to come and hang out with old and new comrades.

original notice:

Mass Effect: a night of collectives @ Sudo Room (entrance on 22nd St, use buzzer)
Jan 11 @ 2:00 am – 7:45 am

We cordially invite you to share your collective ideas and effects in the community. A night to share your projects and learn what else is happening with other collectives. If nothing else, it will be a night of art and mysticism.

6:00-7:30 – Collective discussion
7:30-8:00 – Poetry reading
8:00-9:30 – Musical ensemble
9:30-1:00 – Food and dance

 Original notice.

Stop WesPac! Rally and March in Pittsburg, CA @ Mariner Park
Jan 11 @ 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Community Rally and March to City Hall.

Stop the Crude Oil Storage and Raily Transfer Facility.

Keep Pittsburg safe and healthy.

Say NO to Toxic Racism,
Say NO to any more “DUMPS” in Pittsburg,
Say NO to Hazardous Facilities
next to Housing & Schools
We need to be righteously angry.
Let folks know we are mad as hell and
we ain’t gonna tolerate this.

Information on WesPac.

Occupy Forum: “What’s that Stench?” Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Expansion in the Bay Area. @ Global Exchange, 2nd floor, near 16th St. BART
Jan 14 @ 2:00 am – 3:00 am

Information, discussion & community! Monday Night Forum!!

Occupy Forum is an opportunity for open and respectful dialogue

on all sides of these critically important issues!

OccupyForum presents

 What’s That Stench??? 

Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Expansion

in the North Bay / Pittsburg

and the Campaign to Stop it in its Tracks


The WesPac Pittsburg Energy Infrastructure Project would transform Pittsburg CA into a major crude oil receiving, storage and shipping facility. WesPac develops, constructs, owns and operates infrastructure throughout North America for petroleum products handling, and Pittsburg is the next target for modernization and reactivation of its existing marine terminal and oil storage and transfer systems.  Plans are to move Canadian tar sands crude to the Chevron and Shell refineries through pipelines and extended rail systems, load it onto ships and send it to Asia to the tune of 242,000 barrels per day. This is the same dirty crude slated for the Keystone XL pipeline, a project drawing widespread opposition. Even dirtier crude oil would be shipped to the WesPac facility from southern California. Oil would also come from a huge deposit in North Dakota, which, like the California oil, would be extracted by fracking. Do we want the Bay Area to be the locus of this scheme which threatens Pittburg and North Bay towns and our Bay,

not to mention the climate impact of burning all that fossil fuel???

Lyana Monterey from the Pittsburg Community, Diane Bailey (senior scientist with the NRDC), Valerie Love from the Center from Biological Diversity, Ernest Machen and Damien Luzzo from Sunflower Alliance, and Dr. Henry C. Clark from Richmond Progressive Alliance will give us the backstory and details about what a growing coalition of folks is doing to stop WesPac in its tracks. We will cover: how the community got organized; the science, health, air quality and regulatory laws; the ecology; the big picture re: tar sands and climate; crude by rail; the coalition-building and activism developing, community rights-based ordinances and how they might be applied in Pittsburg, and, with you, brainstorm how we can all work together to stop this.
Spills, leaks, blow-ups, smog, gas, fires like the one in Richmond, soil contamination, prolonged effects on area air and water quality and health effects such as asthma, cancer and birth defects, loom. Increased pollution from idling trucks, rail cars and ships — affecting wildlife, marshes and wetlands, the shoreline, polluted water in the delta (water used for drinking and agriculture), — jeopardized property values, and critically, significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions warming the climate are the risks and threats. This development would include:

Pipelines: Expand existing pipelines and add new lines from rail cars to tanks;

New Rail: Build crude-by-rail transload facility; extend tracks, greatly increase rail shipments right through town;

Storage: Modernize and reactivate the site�s tanks and build new ones;

Tanker trucks, diesel trucks: Mobilize for construction and transport: (congestion, diesel fumes, road deterioration, traffic hazards);

Shipping: Dredge and pile drive to deepen the Bay and reopen, expand and modernize Marine Terminal

Craig Dilworth, Author: Too Smart For Our Own Good. @ Humanist Hall
Jan 14 @ 3:00 am – 5:00 am


Author of the profound 2010 book:


The Ecological Predicament of Humankind

Our ecologically disruptive behavior – which is the same as our explosive technological know-how — is rooted in the nature of Homo Sapiens. Humankind’s development consists of an accelerating movement from situations of scarcity, to technological innovation, to increased resource availability, to increased consumption, to population growth, to resource depletion once again — in a vicious circle from the dawn of humanity and continuing today. Craig Dilworth amasses enormous evidence to prove that technology is our undoing: his Vicious Circle Principle trumps our intelligence.

A review of this book.

The 2014 Close Guantánamo NOW Speaking Tour: Film screening “Doctors of the Dark Side.” @ Revolution Books (at Telegraph, under parking structure)
Jan 15 @ 3:00 am – 5:00 am

January 11, 2014 marks the 12th anniversary of the opening of the prison at Guantánamo. This month as Andy Worthington and Debra Sweet tour cities and campuses raising the call, Close Guantánamo NOW! – they’ll be joined at various events by other powerful speakers including Jeffrey Kaye, Jason Leopold, Michael Kearns, and Todd Pierce. The new documentary film Doctors of the Darkside will also be shown at some events.

All three Bay Area events are open to the public including at the Stanford and Hastings campuses. Contact World Can’t Wait SF Bay, sf [at] or 415-864-5153, to volunteer your help staffing programs (we especially need videographers, photographers), and ideas for publicity and media. Donate to support the tour here:

Film screening “Doctors of the Dark Side” with Andy Worthington & Debra Sweet in conversation.

IndyBay notice.

San Francisco event.

Rally in Richmond: We demand Safety First! No new Permits w/o the Safety Case!! @ Civic Center Plaza
Jan 16 @ 1:30 am – 2:30 am

The US Chemical Safety Board (CSB) has chosen Richmond as the location for voting on its final report on the August 6, 2012, Chevron Richmond Toxic Explosion and Fire. The hearing will be at 6:30 p.m. in the Richmond City Council Chambers at 440 Civic Center Plaza.

Please join Communities for a Better Environment, APEN, RPA, ACCE, Chevron Watch and Bay Area, the Richmond Environmental Justice Coalitionand community representatives from Pittsburg, Rodeo/Crockett and Benicia at 5:30 p.m. for a rally in the Civic Center Plaza.

This is a MAJOR event for our communities, because the CSB is recommending a new standard for regulating Big Oil’s refineries in the US – the Safety Case regime. We demand Safety First! No new Permits w/o the Safety Case!!

Please come out and support the CSB, the people of Richmond and the Bay Area refinery towns!

Richard Wolff on his New Book: Capitalism Hits the Fan. @ First Congregational Church of Berkeley
Jan 16 @ 3:30 am – 5:00 am

$12 advance tickets: :: 800-838-3006
or Pegasus (3 locations), Marcus Books, Moe�s, Walden Pond, Diesel a Bookstore, and Modern Times.
$15 /door

Radical economist Richard Wolff recently exploded into the forefront of progressive thinking in the United States with his brilliantly insightful book Capitalism Hits the Fan, which chronicled Wolff’s growing alarm and insights as he watched the economic crisis build, burst, and dominate world events. His analysis differs sharply from explanations offered by politicians, media commentators, and other academics. While he retains many Marxist contentions, Wolff rejects the economic determinism typical of most schools of economics.

“Richard Wolff is the leading social economist in the country. This book is required reading for anyone concerned about a fundamental transformation of the ailing capitalist economy.”  — Cornel West.

Professor of Economics Emeritus from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Wolff is currently a Visiting Professor in the Graduate Program in International Affairs at the New School University in New York. In recent years while delivering public lectures at many colleges and universities, as well as to community and trade union meetings, he has built a reputation for blunt speaking, clarity, refreshing scorn, and an enjoyable wit.

Wolff is the author of many books, including Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism, Occupy the Economy: Challenging Capitalism, and Capitalism Hits the Fan: The Global Economic Meltdown and What to Do About It. He hosts the weekly hour-long radio program Economic Update on WBAI (Pacifica Radio) and writes regularly for The Guardian,, and the MRZine.
�Bold, thoughtful, transformative – a powerful and challenging vision that takes us beyond both corporate capitalism and state socialism. Richard Wolff at his best!�


24 Hours to Save the Post Office! A Festival of Celebration and Resistance. @ Downtown Berkeley Post Office
Jan 18 – Jan 19 all-day

The Postal Service is still trying to sell the downtown Berkeley Post Office (and privatize the entire USPS). We’re still trying to save it.  The Berkeley City Council will be considering a proposal in late January to help that effort, a Zoning Overlay Ordinance that will make the entire Historic District Area (including the Post Office) less attractive to private, commercial development.

To keep up the pressure on all concerned, and let them know that the people STILL do not want Post Offices sold, Berkeley Post Office Defenders invite you to twenty-four hours of activities beginning at 11:00 AM.

Activities will include

  • petition signing and flyer distribution (11- 5)
  • presentations, teach-ins (11:30 – 2:00)
  • music (2:00 – 5:00), including the Funky Nixons, Phat Love and Fresh Juice Party!
  • arts and crafts
  • dinner and a movie (6:00 – 10:00)
  • letter writing (11:00 – 2:00)
  • an empathy circle
  • a study group
  • a free clothing box
  • tents and signs
  • light brigade spelling out slogans of resistance (around 7:00 PM)

Come join us! Bring your friends!

Berkeley Post Office Defenders.

 photo save-post-office-banner2-small_zps4c680d6b.jpg

Share The Bulb! Rally, March, Campout and Art Festival Day of Action! @ Albany City Hall & Albany Bulb
Jan 18 @ 12:00 am – Jan 19 @ 1:00 am

Please join Share The Bulb for a weekend of actions against the pending eviction of more than 50 people from the Albany Bulb!

January 17th
Residents and allies of the Albany Bulb will rally at Albany City Hall at 4PM, before marching up Solano Avenue. We will stage an overnight campout on Solano Avenue, illustrating the plight of the more than 50 residents of the Albany Bulb, who, if evicted, would be forced onto Albany’s streets.

January 18th
Artists will flock to the Bulb for a day of participatory art, live demonstrations, workshops, and art tours. Join us for an Art Festival at the Bulb from 12-5PM!


The campout is part a West Coast Day of Action to fight the criminalization of homelessness, sponsored by the Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP). Cities in the Bay Area and around the country have passed laws making it impossible for homeless people to live within the law. It has become a crime to sit or lie down, to sleep in public, panhandle or otherwise conduct their lives in public view.

The eviction would force Bulb residents back into the same social narrative of police harassment and criminalization of homelessness which originally drove many of them to the Bulb.

We have successfully prevented the eviction from going forward since October, and we’re ready to take the fight into the new year! Come join us, and find out how you can help preserve this unique Bay Area treasure.

Facebook event & RSVP.

Share the Bulb Facebook.

Share The Bulb! Rally, Art Festival and Day of Action at the Bulb!
Jan 18 @ 8:00 pm – Jan 19 @ 1:00 am

January 18th
Artists will flock to the Bulb for a day of participatory art, live demonstrations, workshops, and art tours. Join us for an Art Festival at the Bulb from 12-5PM!


The campout on Friday is part a West Coast Day of Action to fight the criminalization of homelessness, sponsored by the Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP). Cities in the Bay Area and around the country have passed laws making it impossible for homeless people to live within the law. It has become a crime to sit or lie down, to sleep in public, panhandle or otherwise conduct their lives in public view.

The eviction would force Bulb residents back into the same social narrative of police harassment and criminalization of homelessness which originally drove many of them to the Bulb.

We have successfully prevented the eviction from going forward since October, and we’re ready to take the fight into the new year! Come join us, and find out how you can help preserve this unique Bay Area treasure.

Friday’s action.

Facebook event & RSVP.

Share the Bulb Facebook.

MLK JR Day of Service, Sponsored by Phatbeets. @ Edible Park
Jan 19 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Garden Project Workday.
Free Pancake Potluck Breakfast.
Sign up to Plant a Fruit Tree in your Yard.
Restorative Justice Community Healing Circle.

Source: Facebook announcement.